Your dad can really shoot

Man, you never told me your dad was such a good shooter. I mean, old guys never lose their jumper but Ol’ Brian was really stroking it last night. Pretty impressive. Killed the Timberwolves.

Oh, and why didn’t you tell me he was on the Mavericks now? Last I knew he was in Minnesota, but Dallas seems like a perfect situation for him. Not only does he only have to play a few minutes here and there, which must be good for his heart, he also gets to play half of his games in a warm climate. I’m sure that keeps his knees nice and loose, plus I know his wife likes being able to lay out every day. Really happy for him.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen your dad for a while, so I was pretty surprised to see him sub in for Dirk when he picked up his fourth foul. I guess he had made a three in the first half, but I was in the bathroom so I didn’t see it. But when he came in for Dirk in the third, he went nuts. He hit three threes in, like, two minutes. Never seen him do that before. Usually he just likes to sit in the post and throw no-look passes. I was freaking out.

Pretty cool though. Seems likes he’s doing pretty well. Next time you see him, tell him I said congrats on the new gig. Oh, and tell him it’d be OK to shave his head if he wants. Not sure why he’s going for the Gerald Ford look, though I guess your pops was pretty happy when the Vietnam War ended.

You know what? Just tell him I said hi. Great to see him.

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  1. I once saw Dad when he was playing for Purdue in a game against Providence. We were wondering why there was an old man playing against the kids.

  2. When is that picture from? It wasn’t last night – Cardinal didn’t play in the fourth quarter and that’s the only time Dallas had 106 points.

  3. Ah-HA! Simple detective work: the opponent ends in ‘ES’ so it’s either ‘Timberwolves’ or ‘Grizzlies’. Mavs in blue – it’s a road game. A check of the schedule shows the Mavs played in Memphis on November 10th and won, 106-91. Play-by-play clinches it – Cardinal missed a jumper with six seconds left.

    Dad will be so proud.

  4. Mom didn’t take any pictures of Dad shooting last night, so we had to use an old one. C’mon, Mom.

  5. Definitely a Grizzlies game. You can see the Grizzly head over the tunnel to the left of Ol Bri-Bri.

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