As you’ve probably heard by now, the Miami Heat are a mess. They lose every game they play, their players cry all the time and it’s supposed to thunderstorm in South Beach tomorrow. Total disaster.

And, as you might expect, everyone has their fixes for the Heat. Should they force more turnovers? Should Pat Riley step in as coach? Is it even possible to stop a thunderstorm? There are no easy answers, but that won’t stop Chris Bosh from offering his two cents on the Mike Sorrentino. Here he is, talking to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

“It is common sense, we can talk about it, but I think it’s evident,” Bosh said. “I just have to get it where I’m effective. I’m a big man. I can shoot the ball but I’m a big man. So I have to get it where big guys get it. Then I feel I can start helping out this team more.” [...]

“I’m saying what I need to do as a player, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed,” Bosh said. “I’m uncomfortable now so you might as well do something else. If there’s a disagreement or something, that’s fine, we can talk about it. If they don’t want that, that’s OK, but I just feel that I have to be my normal self. I’m not there right now. I haven’t been there many times this season.”

Ha ha. “A closed mouth.” That’s never the case. Good one, Chris Bosh. Glad to see he’s still got that sense of humor. That’s good. Laughing helps us through the tough times.

But really, maybe this is a good idea. After all, Chris Bosh has been an All-Star by posting up in between his numerous forays to the elbow extended. Not to mention, outside of LeBron James, Bosh finishes shots at the rim more regulary than any other Heater that matters (sorry Jamaal Magloire and the dearly departed Jerry Stackhouse). If his comfort zone is posting up, then maybe he should be posting up. Because the little jumpers thing isn’t really working, as Bosh makes just 43 percent of his shots from 3 feet out to three-point land. Get him close to the rim and maybe he can actually be something other than a high-rent Kurt Thomas.

In fact, if I’m the Heat, I’d try to make Bosh one of the primary options when the Heat’s bench takes the floor. Bosh is used to being a scorer and it’d probably make him happy to get some touches where he’s not an afterthought. Plus, if he’s playing against an opponent’s second unit, he’s going to be amazing. I’m not saying he needs to come off the bench, but when things go to the subs, keeping Bosh out there when LeBron and/or D-Wade hit the pine could be killer.

Besides, it’d be nice for Chris Bosh to be taken seriously for once in Miami. He’s always talking about how he wants shrimp enchiladas, but then LeBron and Dwyane decide on Cuban sandwiches again. Throw him a bone every once in a while, geez.