Ep. 671: Flappable

On today’s show, Skeets and (an animated) Tassos applaud the Blazers and Lakers’ all-around team efforts, while ripping the Heat and Hawks’ pathetic game plans. That, in greater detail, plus the return of your shitty NBA doodles, a suspenseful “Rrrrroll Up The Rim To Win” moment, and a bunch of random observations.

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Comments (28)

  1. wrong video guys?

  2. Oh ok never mind, it’s fixed

  3. “An animated Tassos”?? First Yoda, now Tas? NOOOOOOOOO!

    Re: Heat
    Seriously, when is crying ever wrong? If you gotta cry, cry. What matters is what comes after crying. Insert Chris Webber speech here.

  4. I use to watch baseball to watch the Yankees lose. Now I could care less who wins or losses in that corrupt league.

    Is that what the NBA has become? The stories are who losses? Not who wins?

    I could lose interest in the NBA as well if this keeps up.

  5. Tim Hortons coffee is fucking horrible.

  6. The reason Chris Bosh went off so inexplicably after the bad game against the Blazers seems pretty simple… For his entire career, he and LaMarcus Aldridge have been head-to-head competitors. Bosh always had primacy… It was Bosh the All Star, Aldridge who was the wannabe — a guy who could ALMOST be like the great Bosh IF ONLY this and IF ONLY that.

    The Blazer/Heat game served notice that this fundamental relationship has now changed. Now it is LMA (26 fairly efficient points) who is the big dog and Bosh (single-digit scoring in a loss) who is the “third wheel” of the so-called “Big Three.”

    That had to be enormously frustrating for him to see his fellow Dallas, Texan face him in front of the home folks in a game the Heat felt they really needed. So he made excuses…

  7. Wilbur is my cat’s name, Tas.

  8. Also: Skeets still underestimates Aldridge’s game. He’s not the 18-19 foot jumpshot guy like Bosh, as was intimated. He’s now a guy who can work low AND hit those shots… Thus the escalation in scoring.

    The lightbulb went on on December 15, 2010 in the game at Dallas, Texas. You can mark that date on your calendar… Since then: All Star.

  9. Contract Extension for Nate? I know a certain Blazers fan (Travis) who must be losing his shit right about now lol.

  10. D Fish is the new iron man, fellas.

    By the way, I’m still tryna get Palin PREGNANT

  11. D Fish is the new iron man, fellas.

    By the way, I’m still tryna get someone PREGNANT

  12. I wouldn’t look too deeply into Bosh’s game relative to Aldridge’s based on last night. LMA is no doubt a beast. But, Bosh has had some pretty serious numbers this year, which is made more impressive when you consider the two ball stoppers he has on his wings. I agree that LMA outplaying him definitely frustrated him and caused him to speak out. But, I don’t think the fundamental relationship has changed. Bosh is still a great player, and I’m sure the Heat will win titles in the future.

    Why did I just say all that? I’m going to punch myself in the nuts.

  13. Thank you Tas for picking Nate McMillan as the whoa boy for the Blazers! Gerald Wallace has officially arrived for the Blazers! On that note, Tas you need to get a Portland Mathews Jersey!

  14. Turn up the fucking volume! Can’t elope!

  15. Chris Bosh is not living up to the standards of mine and his hometown. However, he sure would fit into the elitist social circles that are rampant here.

  16. I love your show guys, but I noticed that Tas Melas doesn’t look J.E. Skeets in the eyes when they are talking.

    Looking people in the eyes – when they are talking says that they are paying attention and they respect the other persons opinion. Just saying.


    Read more at Suite101: How to be a Good Listener and Become Self-Aware: Listening Skills are a Valuable in Creating Better Relationships http://www.suite101.com/content/how-to-be-a-good-listener-and-become-self-aware-a149768#ixzz1G8DkptrJ


  17. LMAO. Best. Comment. Ever.

  18. timbo: I didn’t have Aldridge on my All-Star team back in February, no, but I by no means underestimate Aldridge’s game. He’s a star. But c’mon, man, he plays a similar game to Bosh. (And that’s a compliment!) Check the shot charts from last night. Ain’t a whole lot of paint action from either guy …

  19. Jarrett Jack is up there in the Iron Man streak

  20. I was Bynum’s backup in 8th grade for our town travel team, NOT AAU (we’re talking dads as coaches).

    I haven’t grown since. He’s grown a bit, I guess, but those knee injuries? All me, man, all me. I taught him how to do that.

    On another note, Tas, you KEEP bringing up Jason Collins! Why don’t they just put a fridge in the paint. It would be equally effective. As a Nets fan, Jason Collins was an old man as a rookie. Everytime you mention him I’m reminded that he’s still in the league. I mean seriously, isn’t Matt Geiger available, AT LEAST?

  21. Was calling Andrew Bynum Dwight Howard like 10 times purposeful? I know you called him Dwight Howard light, but then on that red in the face rant you kept talking about how they should have put Jason Collins on Dwight Howard and how they put Horford on Dwight Howard.

  22. That may be so, but look at 2007. Collins played 80 games. Played 23 mins per. Put up 169 (!!!!) points all season and 319 rebounds all season. It’s really hard to like Collins, even if he does toss his considerable jowls all over opposing big men, thwarting their down-low effectiveness.

    And then there’s these:

  23. Then there’s these links i meant to say, links, but they won’t post.

  24. Toyota Matrix has the same crummy four-banger engine my car has, that was just sent in for a parts recall — one that forced us to drive in second gear on the highway at around 110 kmph last month on our way back home from out of town.

  25. @KD – Thanks for the km conversion, KD, although you have insulted JD’s car. Not sure how this will turn out.

    @Will J – those Hawks didn’t need offense. They needed jowl-jostling.

  26. Thanks TBJ for not butchering my name like everyone usually does. It’s not how you say it, but you guys got closer than everyone else who says my name for the first time

  27. OMG that comment about being a good listener has my side splitting with laughter. So awesome.

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