Like it or not, Derrick Rose is a legit MVP candidate who will probably win the award because it’s the best story and no one wants to give LeBron James a third-straight trophy while Dwight Howard’s case will never look as good because his biggest contributions are made on defense. As Kurtis Blow would say, “These. Are. THE BREAKS!

But that’s not the only award Rose is going to win. He’s already started the All-Star Game, he’ll surely make an All-NBA team and he’s a shoe-in for the Least Smiley Team, which will be his greatest achievement. And, if you listen to the only NBA coach to ever be named after a gymnastics maneuver, he should take home another trophy. From the AP:

[Wizards head coach Flip] Saunders endorsed Chicago Bulls G Derrick Rose for the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award. “Rose is the bomb,” Saunders said. “I’ve never seen a guy improve his perimeter shooting so much in one year. He probably won’t get it because people are talking so much about MVP, but he should be the most improved player in the league. Who has improved more than him in this league? I don’t think anybody has.”

Oh, wow. Flip Saunders is a huge “Clueless” fan. Who knew? Way existential.

As for Rose winning MIP — well, no? I don’t know. It feels weird to even consider him for such an award since he was an All-Star last year and it’s not a huge surprise that a third-year player playing alongside another big-time scorer would improve. Yes, he’s improved, but is that even surprising? The guy was the No. 1 pick three summers ago, he should become one of the best players in the league. I’m of the mind that this award, no matter how silly it is, should go to a guy who went from marginal to important. Maybe a Roy Hibbert-type bro? Dorell Wright? I don’t have a good answer to who should win MIP, but I also don’t think that answer is Derrick Rose.

Besides, if Derrick Rose wins all the awards, the ceremony will be really boring, like that year “Titanic” won all those Academy Awards. It’s just a movie about a boat, people. Relax.