On today’s episode of “Growing Pains” — written and directed by Leigh Ellis — Dr. Seaver (played by Dwyane Wade) and Maggie Seaver (LeBron James) compete to see which one is a better D.J. and fourth-quarter closer. Meanwhile, Mike (Miller) discovers he has values (but no shooting touch), Carol (Erik Spoelstra) learns to think for herself instead of going along with the crowd, and Ben (Chris Bosh) continues his quest for manhood. Also, “Boner” (um, Matt Bonner Mike Bibby) leaves to join the United States Marines.


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Comments (6)

  1. Who’s playing Leonardo diCaprio’s character?

  2. Hey, I called this one 6 months ago! http://vimeo.com/15042409

  3. So is Mike Bibby Boner Stabone?

  4. Bah! Great call, Sheldon. Fixed.

  5. There’s a feature length episode coming, right? KG style with you guys dubbing LeBron and Co. talking =D? If not you should make one. And you can all get on some stilts to make up for the minor height disparity and play the characters. This is the show that LeBron SHOULD be a part of.

  6. What a fantastic idea, I cannot wait around to receive my first letter!

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