Chris Webber, apparently, knows everything there is to know about how to handle yourself on and off the court, because everything he says about the Heat in this “mesmerizing soliloquy” is 100 percent spot-on. The guy’s lived it and it shows, which is weird because usually former players are knuckleheads. Word to Charles Barkley.

Of course, as soon as the Heat catch wind of Webber’s “Shut up and play ball” edict — and his “I’m just misty-eyed” zing –  I’m sure they’ll respond in some way, shape or form. It’s a vicious cycle.

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  1. It’s shocking how good an analyst Chris Webber is. I may not be thinking this through perfectly, but I think he’s probably the best player-turned-analyst ever.

    He’s witty, intelligent, funny, articulate, insightful, handsome and knowledgable. Barkley may be more entertaining overall, but I don’t think any reasonable person would argue that he’s a serious basketball analyst. Kenny Smith is probably more in the Webber mold, but Webber brings a gravity and credibility of a former Alpha player to the table that Smith lacks.

    I look forward to enjoying his second career- probably even more than I enjoyed is first.

  2. this may be the first time I can say Webber is speaking right.

    But the Heat wanted the attention, the praise, and the attention and the criticism comes along, when you are not that good. Heat wanted what they get, they deserve what they got.

    but the bottom line is what Webber said.

  3. ^ Wait a minute, what about Reggie Miller?

    not srs.

  4. Chris Webber is definitely great and is definitely handsome. He will be a successful broadcaster, for sure.

  5. stands up and applauds.

  6. I’m a Heat Fan, love them to death, but I gotta get up and applaud too. Damn, this dude don’t play.

  7. C-Webb doesn’t play and unlike The Chuckster he backs himself up intelligently. There are so many times Chris argues with Kenny that Kenny backs off. And oh man don’t forget the Kahn interview in the off season.

  8. Yeah Webber’s the best. I wonder if he’d try the broadcasting thing, if he replaced Mark Jackson, paired with JVG it’d be killer.

  9. ^ He called a game earlier this season and did a real strong job. As mentioned, he’s the perfect blend of what both Kenny & Charles lack. He was the elite player Kenny wasn’t, and has the tact to analyze a situation several steps further than Charles ever could. CWebb was always one of my favorite players on the court, and he’s definitely my favorite player-turned-commentator. Favorite Coach-turned-commentator would have to be Hubie Brown.

  10. @luislandry – Agreed on Webber’s chops, and also that he’d be a damn sight better than Mark “there goes that man” Jackson. But JVG is, by far, the worst and most annoying broadcaster of them all. I would think, and hope, that Webber would end up creaming that little loudmouthed twerp within a couple of games.

    I actually love the Webber/McHale analysis pairing. It’s a little more serious and a little less wacky than the usual TNT crew, but it’s nonetheless a better product. Two former elite big men with big brains who show mutual respect.

  11. With Webber/McHale, the show is still funny too, which is key. I like Jeff a little more than Hubie, since I think he’s hilarious, but they both offer great insight on the actual game.

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