Now that the NBA season is slowly winding to a close, every single person who is somehow involved with an NBA franchise must be asked who they think should win MVP. Sorry, but that’s just how it works. It’s called journalism, Ask Jeeves about it.

Sometimes that means you’re getting an answer from Rick Brunson, but sometimes it means you’re getting an answer from the best basketball player ever. And that’s exactly what happened last night, when the Bulls played the Charlotte Bobcats, who just so happen to be owned by Michael Jordan. From the Chicago Tribune:

“MVP of the season,” the Bobcats owner said Wednesday night after the Bulls downed his team 101-84. “He deserves it. He’s playing that well, without a doubt.”

Then Jordan offered that sly smile.

“And if he doesn’t get it, now he will see how I felt a lot of those years,” the Bulls’ Hall of Famer said.

OK, cool for Derrick Rose. The greatest of all-time thinks he should be MVP when he’s only 22 years old. Bully for him. Great compliment. Best compliment. But can we talk about Michael Jordan for a second?

Can this guy ever not be Michael Jordan? I mean, he goes from complimenting a young player to immediately bringing up a 25-year-old grudge. It’s incredible. Obviously Michael Jordan is the most Michael Jordan person ever, but sometimes he does something that really drives that point home. Never change, except your jacket.

That being said, you have to wonder how this affects Rose’s MVP campaign. On one hand, Michael Jordan is the ultimate co-sign. He’s a Hall of Famer with six NBA championships and five MVPs. He’s legit. On the other hand, he drafted Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, so maybe he is not the best judge of talent.

Plus, as I mentioned before, the clothes, which kind of make it hard to take him seriously as a grown-up.

(via EOB)