Only three games tonight, but they’ll all going to be gooooooood. Really good. Drink it in.

Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat
One of the best times to play a two-time NBA champion is when you’re on a five-game losing streak and they’re on an eight-game winning streak. Perfect scheduling for the Heat.

New York Knicks at Dallas Mavericks
Did you realize that the Mavericks have the third-best record in the entire NBA? It’s true, they do. Good test for the Knicks remix (ReKnicks, you’re welcome) and it should be fun to watch.

Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns
Also should be fun to watch. Let’s do it.

The Basketball Jones (theScore — 6pm ET)
Hey Canadian Jonesers, watch the show and follow along as those guys live-tweet it. It’ll be fun and not at all nerdy.

Bones (Fox — 9pm ET)
Just kidding. Watch basketball.