Chris Bosh is back, baby!

Putting his “muscle where his mouth is” on Thursday, Bosh scored 24 points in his first outing after saying he wanted more shots, and the Miami Heat beat the Los Angeles Lakers 94-88 to end a five-game losing streak and hand the two-time defending NBA champions their first loss in nine games.

So, what exactly inspired the Heat power forward to bring it?

Oh, probably Dwyane Wade’s Gucci belt or LeBron James’ really cool scarf. Bosh keeps up with ‘em:

“I am always looking at their belts and scarves.”


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  1. “I am always looking at their belts and scarves.” ? – Pfff, he’s such a Bosh!

  2. This is fucking gold. I could not have crafted a better fake quote from him. Why does he go so far out of his way to allow people to rip on him?

  3. This quote should finally put an end to any rumors that Bosh is a “soft” player. He go hard. With scarves.

  4. f’n love it.. I pissed my pants a bit at work.. No joke…

    That’s one tough forward, sure get him the ball in the low post, he’ll tell ya about the latest belt and scarf fashions! What a puss in boots hahaha

    hahahahaha Thank you The Score.. My weekend is starting off with a bang!

  5. bosh’s comments about not playing hard D has haunted him this season. i would be surprised if he could put together an all around basketball game

  6. This was talked about at all star weekend here: The guy is so embarrassing it is hard to look at….kind of like the hairless raccoon in Parkdale

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