Due to a bad case of the runs, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is this slap-chopped, jump-cuttin’ remix that features an intense “All-Business Edition” of Crossfire, our Q3 Quarterly Report Lightning Round (where Skeets and Tas take your calls about NBA stocks), and a very worthy “Wanker of the Week” from ATL, Georgia.

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Comments (13)

  1. Tas – When did you become a badger? Just for men is calling.

  2. Um, am I the only one disturbed by Matty O’s grotesque, Wizard-of-Oz like appearance on the screen between J.E. and Tas?

  3. that was awesome. loved the stock report spoof thing. very funny. tas gets props for the 90′s medley to haha

  4. You should get rid of that ticker! Or at least slow it down because it’s really annoying

  5. BTW, Sittin in My Room is Brandy, not Monica.

  6. Great show. One of the best openings. Tas lookin sharp in the suit. Boo Yao Ming….hilarious. Wait, what?

    I’d like to give a special thanks to The Score gang for eliminating the 20 second advertisements that played at the beginning of clips. They are all over the internet nowadays (even playing before trailers for movies, so now we have to watch a commercial… to watch a commercial). It’s nice to know that you can come to the Score site and be entertained without having things shoved down your throat.

    Cheers from a very happy fan.

  7. Tas’ face behind Skeets in the lightning round… DEAD! lol

  8. There’s never been any ads on this site, or am I trippin’?

  9. I didn’t know WTF was going on in the beginning but the payoff was worth it!

  10. They tried it once for a while, I think during the summertime.

  11. Always do up your shoelace just in case you’re in a chase which is going at a fast pace and you round 1st base and you’re holding a vase and trip…and you have to brace…yourself

  12. love the mad money theme lol.

  13. Tas should have ended that by saying “…and you have to brace, before you fall on your face”

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