Not sure why Kobe Bryant is so upset with Lamar Odom at the 19-second mark, but I’m guessing it has something to do with beating him to the lucrative unisex fragrance market. Most people know that that’s one of the five fastest growing revenue streams for 2011, as determined by Forbes magazine. Understandable why Kobe would be heated, since Lamar knew he’d been planning “Scent of a Mamba” for a long time.

But with that question answered, another one needs to be addressed — what is up with Phil Jackson’s stinkeye? Did he just get his wisdom teeth removed? Is he celebrating Ricky Sargulesh? Does he consider himself a churning urn of burning funk? I need answers because that’s weird.

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  1. Clearly not looking at him Trey… but still points for scent of a maba haha

  2. I think it’s pretty clear that Kobe is NOT looking at Lamar Odom…LO is right next to him and Kobe is clearly looking to the right of LO. I’m still curious what he was mad about since he was the one chucking away the game late in the 4th…and I’m a Lakers fan.

  3. I don’t think he’s looking at Odom.

  4. Kobe was yelling at Pau because he was being too timid

  5. At the end, he looks right at Odom and swears at him. No doubt about it.

  6. wtf you talking about? no he doesn’t, i think you’re seeing what you want to see Trey.

  7. I saw it last night, he’s either looking at Odom or Artest, and telling them to “get a farming rebound, God darnit. Jesus farming Christ.”

    I think it was Odom.

  8. He’s not yelling at Odom.

  9. No doubt that he’s looking at Derek Fisher.

    also, ‘no doubt about it’ is Tas’ catch phrase.

  10. He’s either swearing at Artest or Fisher, most likely Fisher since he was the one in the middle. If you look at the shot of where the Lakers were in the huddle before it showed Phil and then see where Kobe is looking when he’s talking, it seems to be directed at Fisher.

  11. He’s probably actually looking at more than one person the way his eyes keep moving. Not that it matters. He’s so mad.

    PS This is a long thread about who Kobe Bryant is swearing at.

  12. I was wondering what was up with Jackson’s stinkeye as well. It was so longly held and unusual. My guess is that Jackson was giving Kobe the stinkeye over his awful corner three attempt. It was such a terrible shot that anything else fits. If that had been Artest, he would have repeated what he said in the playoffs, “Don’t pass him the frickin ball! $FFS$@” Since it’s Kobe, however, he had to stand there giving him the stinkeye as he heard Kobe’s rationale and then nod as if it made any sense whatsoever.

  13. No doubt about it. Not Odom.

  14. Party Down allusion. I fucking love TBJ. That is all.

  15. i figured when i was watching the game at the time, he was just bitching about how pissed he was at the few ‘bad’ calls that were made. he looks fairly angry, just frustration i’m guessing.

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