This is like the B-side to Chris Webber’s classic “Shut Up and Play Ball” single that dropped earlier this week. It’s the “I Saw Her Standing There” to Webber’s “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and it’s made even better by the fact that Charles Barkley was calling for Dwyane Wade to take over the fourth quarter, which is exactly what happened.

Now, if we can get one more analyst to rap about the Heat, we can advance this metaphor and call it a triple A-side, “A Day in the Life”-style. Make it happen, Bill Walton.

(via MrTrpleDouble10, surely his real name)

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  1. He’s right. I have heard absolutely nothing about the Heat this season. No one cares. A majority of their games are not even on TV! ESPN is not even cutting their own programming to go to the “post-game” comments from Wade or James. TV ratings have gone down. They don’t even sell out the arenas they go to.

    Look at the rankings on top selling team gear.

    Webber needs to tell Barkley to shut up. (Which itself is ironic since the media is asking them for answers, that Web says they should shut up.)

  2. I diasgree. They are very popular. ESPN has a portion of their site dedicated to the team called “The Heat Index”.

    And yeah, I hate them because they represent to me all the things I hate about basketball. Stacked teams and iso ball. They don’t have to fight nearly as hard to win and that makes it cheap. At least to me.

  3. Oh man Trey i think the funnier clip was kenny smith’s whole bit about microphone rape. Also Barkley should not shut up the only people that think that right now are miami “fans”

  4. what?? I don’t understand…how do we move from Heat selling out road games, setting record ratings to “nobody cares about miami” in a few weeks? How come the internet is making this big deal about the heat losing 5 games in a row if nobody cares? Let’s be real… It’s pretty obvious ppl care…smh

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