NBA players, they’re just like us!

From the Deseret News:

Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans faced a predicament of utmost importance Sunday night in the Big Apple.

The rookies were starving after making a cross-country flight to one of the culinary capitals of the world.

But deciding which eclectic, award-winning or gourmet establishment to eat at was not the problem.

The cuisine quandary?

The line to get into the Olive Garden was a whopping 40 minutes long.

And that’s an eternity for young guys to have to wait for pasta and unlimited breadsticks and salad.

The wait, they said, was worth it.

Hayward has been teased about this dining dilemma since he tweeted about it Sunday night.

“I knew people were hating,” the 20-year-old said, “but I don’t know what’s wrong with Olive Garden, to be honest.” [...]

“We wanted Olive Garden,” he said, laughing. “Anywhere it’s good pasta, good breadsticks, good salad.”


“It’s cheap,” he said.


“It was right around the corner.”

Yeah, yeah — laugh it up. But you know that when you were 20 years old, you were down to spend $12 on a gigantic plate of fettucine alfredo and an obscene amount of salad and breadsticks. Throw in some Bellini peach-raspberry iced tea and a ticket to see “Anchorman” and you’re set. Hit up whatever apartment’s having a party after that, then grab some late night steak nachos when you get home and that’s a pretty chill night with your bros. Don’t hate.

Sure, you probably weren’t a millionaire when you were 20, but whatever.