Last week, we heard Barack Obama’s review of the Chicago Bulls’ hiring Tom Thibodeau: “great hire.” It was a nice story that reminded everyone that, yes, Obama is a Bulls fan through and through. I mean, if he’s the kind of guy who’ll bring up a coaching hire at a baseball game, then he must be serious about basketball.

Turns out the guy can’t stop talking about the Bulls, even when he’s talking to the Celtics. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

President Obama greeted members of the Celtics privately while he was in Boston last week. Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn’t pick up a phone call from Obama after the team reached the NBA Finals last June.

“He brought that up,” Rivers said. “I’ve learned that if it’s the 202 area code you should probably answer it. No caller ID. He thanked us for Thibs. He talked a lot about the Bulls, I will say that.”

Maybe I’m crazy but I like the idea of the President of the United States making calls to various basketball coaches, just to talk about how great the Bulls are doing. “Yeah, yeah — security briefing starts in two minutes. Got it. Just have to make a quick phone call. Supposed to talk with John Kuester today and I have to make sure to bring up the Bulls before he’s fired.” Classic Obama.

Plus, how great is it that Doc Rivers just ignored a call from Obama the first time? So great. I’m sure his phone rang, he saw the 202 area code without a name attached and just let it go to voicemail. Then when he checks his messages, it turns out he screened the president’s call. Whoops. Must have been walking in the spiderwebs.

We can all learn from this story. If you ever get a call from a 202 number you’ve never seen before, you should probably answer. Odds are it’s Barack Obama calling to talk to you about the Bulls. Even if you’re not a Bulls fan, just humor him. He just wants to talk hoops and Joe Biden’s more of a football guy.