“We didn’t shake our hands, we didn’t talk to each other, we didn’t say anything. And that’s fine, at the end of the day he’s on a different team, I’m on a different team, and I’m a grown-ass man, I don’t need him any more.”Marcin Gortat, on whether or not Dwight Howard and he are still friendly

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  1. Did he really say “grown-ass man?” Because that’s awesome.

  2. Marcins polish-english and his difficulty with understanding the differences between interview talk acceptable in Poland and that in the US often makes his interviews awesome.

  3. It’s funny because it’s true.

  4. Its sad he doesn’t appreciate the fact the Magic organization gave him the opportunity to play 4 years ago. And oh yeah Dwight made u a better player too. Classless!

  5. I guess this “not shaking hands” situation took place rather because of Dwight than Gortat. If I remember correctly Howard said some stuff about him not knowing his place in the team when Gortat was unhappy with his playing time and looking forward to a trade. By the way, in the next sentence of this interview Gortat appreciated Howard by saying that he helped him a lot during first years.

  6. Ken- Gortat’s comment has nothing to do with being appreciative of the Magic organization, it has to do with his current relationship with Dwight Howard. He said nothing classless.

    It’s about time that we have a player that doesn’t care to be friends with every other player in the league. I hate watching some NBA games when opposing teams are hugging and doing hand shakes before, during and after games. The league has become too friendly; I want hard fouls, players hating each other, players holding grudges and fights.

  7. “grown-ass man” is the greatest saying ever.

  8. So Marcin’s a grown-ass man. As for me, I’m a grown assman. Not a proctologist. Just appreciative of fine-looking curves in the female form. And white russians.

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