Ep. 674: No Pressure, Guys

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas hit you with the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. Hot: Horace Grant’s vitamins and Derrick Rose’s Bulls, Kobe’s bionic ankle, David Lee for snapping Love’s streak, wise Manu, and the Heat’s role players. Not: the Bucks’ offense, the Hawks’ rebounding, the Knicks’ defense, and all five teams involved in that Western Conference playoff push. All that, plus “Flattop Blacktop,” Steph Curry’s mom, and a new B-Ball Picks Contest winner.

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Comments (13)

  1. man, i’m not feeling the kobe storylines this weekend. first that ridiculous shootaround thing after the heat game and then a sprain so bad he thought his career was over, but he felt good enough to finish the game? straight up hyperbole, son.

  2. Yeah, Stephen Curry’s little brother Seth plays for Duke, He wears #30 and yes, he can stroke. haha

  3. That’s not a flattop. This is a flattop: http://www.westvalleybarbershop.com/images/flat%20top.jpg

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  5. PETA are not dickheads, but South Park did a good parody of them, like they did of Canada. TRUTV! IT’S NOT REALITY, IT’S ACTUALITY! Chicago Bullshit. Curry is a fucking Hobgoblin. His bro is Seth. Mrs. Curry = MILF

  6. Good times. If that letter from Matt turns up it would be awesome if you guys turned it into a short film ala Letters from Henry on The Rollins Show. I can see shots now of Matt sitting at his desk writing, thinking, mixed with flashbacks of word turning, hiking, canoing, playing ball. That would be gold.

  7. Whoa-Boy candidate, on the March Madness theme : Tyler Hansbrough had a GAME HIGH 29 and 8. Well he did have three zeros in the other categories, but still. Dwight had 26-15 and 5 blocks as well. Weak pool for Whoa Boy to say the least.

    Curry’s little brother’s name is Seth. He’s pretty good, not as much as Stephen, but he’s a great shooter/scorer.

  8. 1-4 spots are HUGE. The Celtics have to get the first or second seed to win it all. Having an extra series on the road makes it too tough to win.

    I’m pretty sure the 2007 Spurs and 1995 Rockets are the only two NBA champions in the past 30 years to be seeded lower than 2. And, that Spurs team only had to play without homecourt once (Mavs were 1 in West and went out to the Warriors in round 1).

  9. Also, since there was a little madness talk (love the madness, although I’d take NBA playoffs over it any day of the week), I’d say Kemba Walker is THE winner of the weekend.

  10. What no love for Jeff Teague? He actually got to start at PG for Atlanta and played 44 minutes outscoring Andre Miller 24-1 in the positional matchup and had 5 steals and 3 blocks. Not holding my breath, but maybe he’s the change Atlanta needs.

  11. The Warriors are defense juggernauts…stopping Love double double streak and frustrating future MVP Derrick Rose in their 2nd meeting (14pts 6-15 fg 0-5 3pt, 9 TOs).

  12. The Bulls 20th Anniversary ceremony got me a little weepy eye, but I will never admit it.

    Bullshit! I was crying! That’s the shit that you play for! It is a business, and all players care about the money (as I would), but there is something else that’s worth more than money and I am soo fuckin glad Derrick Rose got to witness it, although he doesn’t seem like the cat that needs to be reminded of it.

    Still, thank you Bulls organization that reads this blog daily, for letting me relive the days when my passion could not be questioned cuz there was no internet and what u saw was what you…

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