What tonight’s slate of games lacks in quantity of quality, it makes up for with quality of quality. Yes, that sounds like a business-oriented Cam’ron line, but it’s true. The two good games are so good that the other games being lesser matchups isn’t a big deal. Squalay.

San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat
See what I mean? This is going to be muy excelente, which is in Spanish because I assume we’ll be seeing some Noche Latina jerseys tonight.

Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers
With all that’s happened in the past two years, it’s hard to believe this is a rematch of the NBA Finals before the last one. 2009 seems forever ago.

Denver Nuggets at New Orleans Hornets
Kind of an important playoff positioning game as both of these teams are gunning for the fifth spot out West. Whoever gets that avoids a first round matchup with the Lakers, which isn’t a bad prize.

Phoenix Suns at Houston Rockets
Bump this game up a notch if Steve Nash plays. In addition, I hope Steve Nash plays.

Golden State Warriors at Sacramento Kings
If the Kings want to make up ground for the 12th playoff seed in the West, they’re going to need to start winning some games. Sure, such a seed doesn’t exist, but you can at least throw them a bone.