Congratulations, kid. You just made every single sports highlight package this week. Embrace it.

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  1. When did Big Baby have time to change into a pink polo and put a wig on?

  2. “Where…happens”

    Get to work trey

  3. Woah, thats my little brother

  4. As a Celtics fan who is pissed that the C’s lost to a crappy team like the Nets…I hate this guy. And both of his chins.

  5. I’m with Tom. Who is that kid and why does he dress that way?

  6. [...] Wha' Happened? on Mar 15, 2011 New Jersey Nets 88, Boston Celtics 79 As a Bulls fan, I am basically pink polo kid because this Celtics loss moved the Bulls in to a tie for first place in the Eastern Conference. [...]

  7. The crappy thing is that he has courtside seats. So I guess he deserves to celebrate however he wants

  8. To answer your question Nick L, he’s from Jersey.


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