Oklahoma City Thunder 95, Cleveland Cavaliers 75
For some reason, it feels like the Cavs lose every game by this score. However, I checked in to it (journalism) and this is the first time this season Cleveland has scored exactly 75 points. In other news, Russell Westbrook is good. He went on a 12-0 run by himself, which is pretty video game.

Charlotte Bobcats 95, Toronto Raptors 90
Gerald Henderson has started every game for the Bobcats since Gerald Wallace was traded, thanks to a strictly enforced Gerald-for-Gerald policy that Michael Jordan has instituted in Charlotte. In those nine games, Henderson has scored in double figures six times. Nice to see him starting to get it, because he was pretty brutal up until now.

Orlando Magic 111, Phoenix Suns 88
Easy win for the Magic with Steve Nash sitting out with something called “pelvic instability.” Thanks to my very valuable degree in pre-medicine health science, I can definitely tell you that the pelvis is one area that you never want to be unstable. Keep that thing as stable as you can, my friends.

Indiana Pacers 106, New York Knicks 93
These are two teams that I really don’t understand right now. In the past two weeks, the Knicks have beat the Heat, Hawks and Hornets while losing to the Cavaliers (twice) and Pacers. Meanwhile, the Pacers followed up a 10-5 start under Frank Vogel with a six-game losing streak before beating the Knicks. You tell me.

Boston Celtics 87, Milwaukee Bucks 56
56 points for the Bucks. 56, in an entire game. What is this — the NCAA tournament?

Golden State Warriors 100, Minnesota Timberwolves 77
Kevin Love had his double-double streak snapped at 53, when he only scored six points to go along with his 12 rebounds. Too bad, because now no one is going to talk about that very exciting non-record that becomes less and less impressive the more people dig in to the archives and find streaks that are longer than Love’s.

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  1. Lol at insinuating that late-season (or really any) NBA games are typically more exciting than the NCAA tournament

  2. well, nothing was said about exitement. the score of the game was low. which it has incommon with a lot of ncaa games that are 8 minutes shorter than nba games. but good to see that people can have fun about the small things in life.

  3. I don’t think I’d go as far as calling Gerald Henderson “brutal” up until recently. It’s just that he never was given much of a chance to play until lately. Larry Brown is most to blame as he refused to give Henderson any time last year, opting for Larry Hughes (ugh), as Larry Brown “All Rookies Suck, Veterans Rule” Doctrine dictates. Even in those extremely small windows where Henderson played, you could see flashes of his potential, especially his athleticism. It wasn’t until Silas came in that Henderson was given more consistent minutes. With consistent playing time, Henderson showed more and more versatility. His defense is excellent and his midrange has become pretty solid. His three pointer still leaves much to be desired, but Bobcats fans are pretty excited to see him play this way lately.

  4. @Evan

    Exactly what I thought when reading the post. However, there are a few regular season games (maybe a dozen so far) and many, many playoffs game that are as entertaining as a NCAA tournament good game. But as far as a single, condensed events go, I don’t think anything comes close to March Madness in North American sports (it’s another story when you consider world wide sports). This year’s playoffs could be pretty awesome though.

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