New Jersey Nets 88, Boston Celtics 79
As a Bulls fan, I am basically pink polo kid because this Celtics loss moved the Bulls in to a tie for first place in the Eastern Conference. I’m expecting a call from Barack Obama very soon.

Oklahoma City Thunder 116, Washington Wizards 89
In games that Kendrick Perkins has started for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team is allowing just 91.8 points per 100 possessions, which would lead the NBA by a wide margin if it were for an entire season. So yeah, I’d say he’s making a difference in the 20 minutes he’s played.

Memphis Grizzlies 105, Los Angeles Clippers 82
Over the course of the next two weeks, the Grizzlies play the Knicks, Bulls, Celtics and Spurs, so this was kind of a must-win. Which they did. Which is great. Which is why they’re currently leading the Jazz by two games in the race for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference.

Miami Heat 110, San Antonio Spurs 80
Three straight wins for the Heat, all against playoff teams. Pretty nice turnaround from CryGatE, and it’s been led by Chris Bosh, who has been awesome — 30 points and 12 boards last night — since saying he needed a chance to be awesome. That guy, he just knows.

Denver Nuggets 114, New Orleans Hornets 103
The Nuggets have hit 35 threes in the last two games, which is more than Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker and Andre Miller. Sure, none of those guys are lights out shooters, but that’s still pretty impressive. Feels like the Nuggets are pretty happy with the ‘Melo trade.

Houston Rockets 95, Phoenix Suns 93
So close, Jared Dudley. Oh, so close. But seriously, the Suns need Steve Nash back if they’re going to make a run at the eight seed. They’re currently 2.5 games out and have a few winnable games coming up — Hornets twice, Warriors, Clippers, Raptors, and also the Lakers, which doesn’t count — and they need to win them. Get that pelvis stable.

Utah Jazz 112, Philadelphia 76ers 107 OT
When this game went in to overtime, something messed up the space-time continuum because Andrei Kirilenko was magically transported back to 2004. In the extra period, AK47 hit a three, had a tip-dunk and made two free throws. It was weird.

Sacramento Kings 129, Golden State Warriors 119
This is the kind of quote that can only happen following a Warriors game:  “It’s nice to get outscored 35-22 in the fourth and get a win,” coach Paul Westphal said. Only the Warriors.

Los Angeles Lakers 97, Orlando Magic 84
As a bro whose ankles sprain at the first sight of uneven terrain, I can’t even understand how Kobe Bryant played 30 minutes — in lowtops, no less — a day after doing this. Incredible. Also incredible: Andrew Bynum, who grabbed 18 rebounds and helped force Dwight Howard in to 9 turnovers. Great game for that dude, who’s been playing out of his mind lately. Really fun to watch.