Sometime during the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season, a bunch of Portland Trail Blazers started wearing headbands. It began with terry cloth grandfather Cliff Robinson and kept spreading and spreading and spreading until it seemed like their entire team was headbanded. For whatever reason, those Trail Blazers were the tipping point (Malcolm Gladwell, duh) that made headbands cool again. Eventually, Vince Carter started wearing one, Brad Miller and Trey Kerby sported them, and Steve Nash was even spotted rocking a sweatband, if only for a few minutes. Thanks to those Trail Blazers, headbands have been a mainstay in the NBA for more than a decade.

So it should be no surprise that the Atlanta Hawks’ Joe Johnson would wear a headband, as he did last night. However, the circumstances behind Johnson’s sartorial splendor are a bit unusual. And that headband? You should enjoy it while it lasts. From the AP:

Johnson donned the headband to protect the back of his scalp after undergoing a procedure to treat a skin infection. It must have helped his shooting touch, too. He made six straight 3-pointers on the way to the highest-scoring half by an Atlanta player this season.

“He wanted to take it off at halftime,” Hawks center Al Horford said. “We were like, ‘No way.”’

Johnson has to wear the headband at least a few more games to cover his wound.

After that, he’s not sure.

“I’m not really a headband kind of guy,” Johnson said, breaking into a grin. “But for right now, I’ve got to wear it.”

This is why everyone should wear a headband. Not only can they be used as protection for skin procedures and concussions, they also make you shoot the ball really well. As the report mentions, Johnson made six straight threes on his way to 36 points, his second-best total of the season. That’s both science and math, which are very important in professional basketball.

Not to mention, talking headbands also made Joe Johnson smile for the first time in his NBA career. Pretty impressive feat for a 2-inch thick ring of cotton.