On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown the Thunder/Heat highlights (LeBron’s questionable shot selection, the Thunder’s defense, Mike Miller, Wade’s dunk), as well as touch on the Nuggets’ deep roster (and playoff chances), Delonte West’s return, Donovan Bailey’s golden nipples, and more. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends. Cheers!

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  1. The west is tough… Nobody wants to play the Thunder, but what about the Blazers, Grizzlies and even the Nuggets and Hornets…it sure looks like there is no one favourable match up in the western conference..

  2. Awesome. I just discovered the site and your daily vids are awesome. Keep up the good work and keeping making more videos!

  3. Will do. Keep coming back.

  4. Kendrick made a HUGE mistake by talking smack about the Lakers. This is the type of thing that motivates Gasol. Perk will probably guard Bynum, and the way Bynum is playing there is no way that an ‘undersized’ perk can gurad him. Still as much as I hate perk, this thunder team is loaded. They now have size added to the freakish athleticism, and that, to me, makes them the second most dangerous team in the west.
    That being said, I think the nuggets will surprise everyone. To me, they are a team that can match that size and athleticism and will beat the thunder in a seven game series. Much like OKC, Denver is not an easy place to win, and it being the playoffs, that place will be rocking. Now that they have a team that they can back up with pride, I think we will have our first upset caused by a young, us-against-the-world Denver team.

  5. Yeah I’m with you on the Nuggets. They play a very entertaining, spread the love (read : ball) type of basketball (at least from the 2-3 games I watched) on the offensive end. They have a lot going for them at the offensive end, a lot of athletic guys who can score nearly at will inside or outside. And now that the defense is at least decent, I wouldn’t rule them out for a first-round upset, even a second-round scare for LA or SA.

    And I lol’d at Tas’ surprise ending.

  6. Easy there Sharma, Perk’s been talking smack about the Lakers for several years now….and all it’s motivated Pau to do is diversify his collection of manpurses

  7. Nick, you can have your opinion, and Pau will have his rings.

  8. Truth is ever since the 08 finals Gasol had been tougher more physical and gritty. He still has his fair share of games when he looks soft and lost (he’ll never be a bruiser, that’s just not who he is) but he delivered time and time again when it counts – getting big rebounds, fighting with the likes of Howard, Garnett and Perkins. You just can’t win two titles and be in the finals three years in a row with a big ol softie as your second best player.

  9. The Nuggets are much better after the trade. I’m not sure I would put them up with the Lakers, Spurs, or OKC, but I do think they’ll be really good in a few years. That’s if they can keep most of their roster intact and maybe add a closer. Although, who knows if Afflalo or Chandler are going to grow into that role. They have the opportunity for the first time in each of their careers to take it to the next level. The touches will be there when Lawson is on the floor. Who else can they really go to when they need a smart play made in ISO or a clutch shot? I’m back on board with this team being a one of the go to games to watch on a packed NBA night. I think last nights game highlighted how good the Nuggets can be and how truly mediocre Atlanta is. Totally different styles of basketball. Between OKC and DEN the west is looking nice over the next few years. Smart, athletic, team basketball is amazing to watch.

  10. Yep, Perkins talking is probably the reason they won the last two titles. Nothing to do with the fact that they’ve been the best team in the league for the past two seasons, and very well may be again this year. And then if they threepeat this year, we can all blame Perk for handing them the title.

  11. Gasol improved his game after 08 without question……again, I wouldn’t credit Perk with that transformation…..I’d credit Gasol.

  12. In a 7 game series LAL will beat OKC. I really believe that the Thunder would make it hard on them. When Gasol gets frustrated he usually disappears for a game or two. That’s the real danger for them. He can’t keep taking nights off, he’s way too good for that. I do think it’s a little bit unfair to expect a player to be consistent every night. We all have bad days. We all don’t want to show up to work, but he does get paid a lot. To not show up every couple of days is a little disappointing. Beyond that, both teams match up well. It’s almost if each team has a defensive stopper for the other teams offensive player. Durant and Artest. Thabo and Kobe. Bynum and Perk. Ibaka and Gasol. Westbrook and Fisher? Oh shit. Maybe LAL should rethink their starting line up.

  13. Oh, I should also say that I’m a Boston fan. There’s probably a little bit of underlying negativity towards LA in that last post. I do think that they are the best team in the league right now. Big hole at the 1, but beyond that they’re a very solid team. Killer B’s in the playoffs could be fun to watch.

  14. i gotta admit i lol’d at the manpurses comment. I also wouldn’t credit Perk for Gasol’s transformation, i’d credit KG

  15. nick, you have a point there. No need to credit any celtic for the way Gasol plays. However, if OKC plays LA in the playoffs, I believe Perk will have to eat his words.

  16. tim, do you think Boston is better after the Perkins trade? Honestly, Boston was the only team that scared me …. Now I feel like Boston lost the one HUGE advantage they had. And that was depth at the 4-5 position. Nenad was with OKC last year when they played the Lakers and I remember him having rather bad defense…although he has looked better in Boston.

  17. I think he will, as I think the Lakers will beat the Thunder.

    Perk trade was really tough for me to handle, but I do think the Celtics are better now. Last night nobody had to play over 29 minutes, and this second unit is going to be really solid.

    The idea that Perk being out is the reason the Celtics lost game 7 is not totally accurate…..the real problem is that they had a reall tough time scoring down the stretch, and their offense always seems to stagnate. Green scores SO EASILY….much moreso than any bench guy they’ve had in a long time.

    It’s all about health in the end. If Shaq can’t play, then the Celtics are probably in trouble. But, if he can, then I think they’ve actually got some nice depth all around.
    JO would be a bonus but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  18. Finally saw a whole Heat game. They are TERRIBLE if 2 of the “big 3″ are sitting down. The other players just look confused when out there on the court.

  19. What the fuck are you referencing in the beginning regarding leprechauns? I am mighty curious. Nugs are damn good w/ all their ammo, but they are not top 4. 8th spot in the East is gonna suck, esp. if it’s the Wallace-less Bobcats -_-

  20. Nick,
    I completely agree that Boston’s offense looks much better. And the fact that they haven’t integrated all their guys is a huge bonus to them and credit goes to the vets and coaches. It scared me to think that Perk would start the game and would be subbed in by Shaq. That is SCARY size. I think if shaq and JO are healthy you guys will once again be in the finals. The big four just cannot be matched up with in a 7 game series. The coaching is too good and the vets know how to win a grind it out game. Thats the reason I think Miami cannot win as well. Take away their transition points and their half court offense is terrible.

    I hope we are treated to another Boston LA matchup. One more go at it for both teams would be fun to watch.

  21. and ill take the Lakers in 6.

  22. I hope for the same (with the opposite outcome). I also look forward to more debating with you here on the world’s best basketball blog.

  23. @SFII

    The Heat’s half-court offense is horrible. On transition they are potent, but if they have to settle something, usually it’s one-on-one or some other very stagnant offensive set. Coach Spoelstra needs to do something else than juste stand there all double teapot and coach his team instead of letting Wade/Bron whatever the hell they feel like. As far as fast-break is concerned, they may well improvised because they’re good at it. Half-court? Great and even good defensive teams will eventually figure out a way to stop you.

    Having the Big Three scoring 70-75 point per game is great and all, but if your role players don’t get involved, they’ll lose their confidence and become little more than statues on the court.

  24. SharmaPower…Yeah, oddly I really like the trade. It’s a long term solution for their age issue, but it’s also giving them a lot of help offensively immediately. Perk is awesome, but he’s not going to give you really any points. Kristic and Green bring in about 15pts more per game even after you factor in Donkey’s points. Watching Kristic rotate in the D makes me believe they’ll be OK. When the O’Neils are back and Murphy gets his legs they’ll have a deep bench at the 4-5. They’ll mainly just foul down there. I don’t see a lot of blocked shots or athletic plays happening from that crew. I do see a decent amount of intelligent center play coming from that crew.

    I think this doesn’t put them below the top 10 defensively and it definitely helps push them closer to being in the top 10 offensively. Green is starting to look more comfortable in the flow of the offense. He’s still a little slow on his decision defensively, but his athleticism really helps him out when he gets caught out of position.

    I’m still worried about seeing LA in the finals. If that happens, it’s a real toss up. The best hope for BOS is if OKC or DAL knock off LA. I would still be worried about the Spurs if they end up making it. Their execution is amazing and their young guys are really nice.

  25. Nick L., I totally agree with you on the C’s losing game seven because of a lack of Perk is a little off base. I think that’s a bit of revisionist history to think he would have made a game changing impact. On the other hand, I think Green could. He’s like a Terry or Manu coming off the bench. A guy who can start, but comes in and destroys second squad guys is a huge upgrade. The Celtics are unbelievably deep. PG – West. SF – Green. PF – Baby. C – O’Neil (whichever isn’t hurt.) SG is a bit of a sore spot on their second team. Von Wafer? Bradley? After that you still have another O’Neil, Murphy, Arroyo, and Pav. Look at how many former starters are coming off the bench. That’s kind of ridiculous.

  26. SharmaPower and Nick L., I’m doing a ridiculous blog that started off with it’s main focus on the Perkins trade. I’d be into talking about this more throughout the year. Send me some messages through http://tryingstuffout.tumblr.com/ if you get a chance!

  27. too bad Dwade traveled on that dunk.

  28. i need to agree about Bosh being disliked and he is not a supahstar! so miami actually has a Duo compared to a big three… i’m not canadian but ya i don’t like him and his “mile long neck” {jesse dorsey voice} lol…

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