It’s from GQ, so take it with a grain of salt since this is not a chambray shirt recommendation, but their case is pretty strong. Here’s why the premier men’s style magazine says the Lakers are the worst fans in the NBA and the 15th worst in all of sports.

15. Los Angeles Lakers

Congratulations, Angelenos! You are the fairest of America’s fair-weather fans! The Lakers unfaithful abandoned their team en masse when Magic retired in 1991, then reconfirmed their fickleness by sending local TV ratings plummeting 30 percent after Shaq departed in 2004. Meanwhile, in these championship days, the Staples Center is more bar scene than sports complex, where fans can’t be bothered to clap—their hands are too busy texting. “The focus is sometimes not on the court,” coach Phil Jackson has said. “It’s on the people in the crowd.” Which explains why eight box suites were recently combined into an offshoot of an abominable nightclub, the Hyde Lounge. After VIPs pass a clipboard gauntlet—at a sports stadium—they can eat $21 nachos at a crocodile-skin bar while waiting for the space to transform into a postbuzzer dance club. When it’s time to leave, a valet will even bring around their bandwagon.

Yep, that’s just about everything that everyone hates about Lakers fans. They don’t really care about the game, it’s more about being seen and they jump on and off the Lakers bandwagon whenever it suits them. Nailed it.

The problem, though, is the other Lakers fans. The ones who love watching great basketball, who stuck with the team during the Cedric Ceballos/Elden Campbell/Nick Van Exel era, who go crazy at Laker games. Those are the real Laker fans, but they can’t afford the kind of seats that get the high-rollers seen. They can’t even afford the cheap seats Andy Garcia sits in. It sucks because those fans get lumped in with the Jessica Albas and Charlize Therons of the world who give Los Angelenos a bad name.

That being said, have you seen the Jessica Albas and Charlize Therons of the world? Kind of makes sense why they’d get front row seats.