Watching Dwyane Wade is a real treat because he does so many things. You get insane two-handed Dunk of the Year candidate dunks after unfathomably fast spin moves that somehow go between two people. You get 1990s dances, too.

You get blocks that make you feel bad for the guy who shot the ball in the first place. Sorry, Eric Maynor.

And you get ill-timed technicals that result in a 6-point swing in a 7-point game (missed layup, three-pointer and a free throw going the other way) after he doesn’t get a foul call. You gotta take the bad with the good. I’m sure Heat fans would agree.

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  1. I’m sure the Miami Heat broadcast crew was going bananas over that no call… Worst and most bias broadcasting crew ever….

  2. Was it a no call for the NBA… Or a no call for Wade? Because they’re very different things. Wade gets upset when someone breaths on him and he isn’t off to the line.

  3. soooo little contact there, grow up wade

  4. don’t like the stupid dancing around after the dunk. Dance after you win.

  5. bet he would trade that dunk for a win

  6. He might’ve been right about an elbow on his back, but you can’t see it from the ref’s angle. That’s what you get for floating up a trick-shot instead of forcing more contact……

  7. @cdtf: Surprisingly, the miami commentators thought it was a fair no-call(at first look).

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