As you guys know, Tas and I bet on games every week in our B-Ball Picks Contest, and, at the end of the month, we bust out the calculator, tally it up, and make the loser do something humiliating. We call it our Book-Off Payoff.

Well, I won the month of February — again. You’re welcome.


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Comments (7)

  1. Is there any way to could watch entire TV show? Or mayby you could upload it to website? That would be soooooo awseome :)


  2. That was fucking weak

  3. Less embarassing for sure but it was hard to top the lasrt one (on the shame side but also on the funny side). Any way nice move from Skeets since he better be nicer with Tas in case he’ll loose the netx one ;-)

  4. Great stuff. but please go back to the daily book off.

  5. I enjoyed this way too much.

  6. With that outfit, you guys look like Coaches Corner!

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