Now this is really sweet.

That’s a brilliant pun that’ll make sense as soon as I explain what that picture is, as if it isn’t totally obvious. What you’re feasting your eyes upon is what I am assuming is the world’s first Peeps-based tribute to JaVale McGee’s double-dunk dunk contest beauty.

This magnificent marshmallow masterpeeps is an entry in the Washington Post’s fifth annual Peeps Diorama Contest and it’s the brainchild of Tim Westmyer, a student from Arlington, VA. He explains his creation, courtesy of NBC’s Sarah Schorno-Kogod:

“I am a poor graduate student, so I used stuff around the apartment,” said creator Tim Westmyer of Arlington. “I am a home brewer, so a grain bag was used for the hoop net, plastic picture frames became the backboard and ping pong balls turned into basketballs.” [...]

“I wanted McGee to get some props for his creative effort. A peeps diorama contest sounded like a good consolation prize.”

I don’t even know what a Peeps Diorama Contest is, but I hope this wins.

(via Capital Games)