Ed Westwick, of whatever that thing he does fame, went to last night’s Lakers/Trail Blazers game, and despite a thrilling finish between two of the Western Conference’s top six teams, the hairy-chested bro couldn’t be bothered to smile, grin or show any sign that he was enjoying the game he was watching.

Of course, he had front row seats.

I mean, seriously, cheer up man. You’re at a close game watching two good teams play tough basketball in a game that actually means something. As a basketball fan — which I’m assuming you are, since you have the best seats in the hosue — that’s smile-worthy even if nothing exciting happens.

Not even the cheerleaders can bring a smile to Eddie Westy’s face.

“They’re just soooooo blah.” — him, probably

The one time he almost smiled was when he was on his cell phone. Very cool, Ed Westwick. Very James Dean with your leathers and your unimpressed-by-everything-ever face and your bangles. Mr. Cool Bangles.

Sorry, Laker fans, this is why people think you have the worst fans in the NBA. Very sorry about that.

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  1. Who’s Ed Westwick?

  2. He’s one of the stars of ‘Son of Rambow’ and a few guest appearances on Gossip Girl and is in an upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio period piece about J Edgar Hoover filiming now in Washington, DC and some set.

  3. “This guy is a good example of people I hate! …. gay.”

    -Tim Hardaway

  4. why does it look like hes at some sort of strip club?

  5. Who? And who cares?

  6. Laker girls are the hottest cheerleaders though.

  7. Who id Eddie Westwick?

  8. I don’t know who that man is, and by the looks of him and the fact he’s sitting courtside “just for show”, I don’t want to know. That’ll probably piss me off even more than the simple sight of a rich dude who doesn’t give a shit about basketball sitting courtside when true fans should take his place.

    So I’d correct you Trey, saying that Laker fans have the “worst fans”. The argument would be whether or not the Lakers have the worst prime-seat spectators. And they probably do. And I’m not hating on the team, because I love the Lakers.

  9. Ed Westwick = Yao Ming cousin?

  10. @BaraChat: Trey’s not saying the Lakers have the worst fanbase, he’s saying douchebags like this guy are the reason a recent article in GQ or Esquire or something had the Lakers’ fanbase as the number 1 worst NBA fanbase, which is absolute bullshit of course, the Hawks’ fans for instance don’t show up for their team and when they do they buy the other team’s star’s jersey.

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