Ed Westwick, of whatever that thing he does fame, went to last night’s Lakers/Trail Blazers game, and despite a thrilling finish between two of the Western Conference’s top six teams, the hairy-chested bro couldn’t be bothered to smile, grin or show any sign that he was enjoying the game he was watching.

Of course, he had front row seats.

I mean, seriously, cheer up man. You’re at a close game watching two good teams play tough basketball in a game that actually means something. As a basketball fan — which I’m assuming you are, since you have the best seats in the hosue — that’s smile-worthy even if nothing exciting happens.

Not even the cheerleaders can bring a smile to Eddie Westy’s face.

“They’re just soooooo blah.” — him, probably

The one time he almost smiled was when he was on his cell phone. Very cool, Ed Westwick. Very James Dean with your leathers and your unimpressed-by-everything-ever face and your bangles. Mr. Cool Bangles.

Sorry, Laker fans, this is why people think you have the worst fans in the NBA. Very sorry about that.