Ep. 679: The Sign

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas hit you with the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. Hot: Delonte West, the Hawks’ marketing department, rookie Patrick Patterson and the Houston Rockets, and the NBA for suspending Andrew Bynum. Not: Kurt Rambis’ job security, and those 7-8 post-Carmelo Knicks. All that, plus 4dudes1billboard.com, a special anniversary shout-out, and a new B-Ball Picks Contest winner. Enjoy.

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Comments (23)

  1. Really enjoy the Houston Rockets love!

  2. As both a Basketball and Cricket obsessive I have to go with Tas on this one, the Cricket World Cup has been getting way more of my attention that March Madness.

  3. Boston peeps – come out next Monday to the Middlesex in Cambridge to hear Dr. Lawyer Indian Chief of FreeDarko speak!

  4. delonte west as the best backup PG in the league? I dunnoooo about that. great show as usual boys.

  5. Thanks for repping the Rockets :)

  6. I’d have to go with whichever of the Tymond Lawton combo that comes off the bench for the Nuggets as best backup pg.

  7. The Simmons Ewing Theory is in full effect with the Nuggets-Knicks.

  8. 4dudes1billboard.com doesn’t exist! MIL plays elite level defense. And MarshMelo is a little bitch and they have no center. I never win that Bball Picks shit. Same, I had basketball overload yesterday, thought twice about playing NBA 2K but opten for MVC3 instead

  9. Donald and Simone,

    “Cuz we will do anythanggg for lovee”

    Lakers fan.

  10. Felton/Farmar/Dragic/Jack>Delonte’s tatted bitch ass

  11. West is NOT the best backup PG. Lawson/Felton and Brooks are IMHO much better.

  12. Cricket is awesome!

  13. Stop hating on the NCAA Tas, some of these kids will rule the NBA in the next 5 years, if not next year for some.

    And they put on a better show (and effort) than most, like, 90%, regular-season NBA games, in March.

  14. Congrats to Donald and Simone….Skeets is right, this one if a keeper Donald.

  15. The wives pay attention man…..I never had an ipod before in my life….my wife got me one of those ipod touches for christmas (and we had agreed not to get eachother anything), and she said it was so that I could download the jones audio and listen to it during my commute so that I wouldn’t watch it at home and so that I would do work at work when I usually watch the Jones.

    Agree that Melo needs to be out in front of reporters after the game….this is what he wanted, and it’s a little too late to take it back now.

    I’m not worried at all about the Cs (as long as they hang on well enough to get the 1 or 2 seed). Delonte may not be the best point guard backup in the league, but he’s really capable. He, Baby, Green, and (hopefully he’s coming off the bench for Shaq) Krstic are going to be able to put up some serious points in the postseason.

  16. I completely forgot that Marbury was on the Celtics. It’s probably better to wipe that from my mind once again.

  17. I want my wife to buy me that billboard for our anniversary!

  18. re rambis:
    1) how about when he threw his own player under the bus by not asking for bynum’s suspension when it was deserved??!! way to desert your own players hack
    2) how about when he deliberately benched love for tolliver early in the season until love’s statistical achievements became so ridiculous he was forced to play him…and then smarmily pretend to be excited for love when announcing his all star selection.
    doesn’t care about winning is part of it –doesn’t care about his players is another

  19. yea i would have to say felton is a better backup for sure… but i think tyler hansbrough deserved a mention today as he has been on fire for the pacers recently

  20. cricket world cup > march madness

  21. Never thought I’d hear you guys mention cricket on the show.

    Does Canada have a proper summer sport? (Does Canada have summer?) Maybe Canada can start developing a proper cricket league.

  22. @Nick L. – That’s beautiful and I love her reasoning too.

  23. Thanks for the anniversary shout-out guys. Been a fan of the show for years, and this definitely caught me by surprise – keeper for sure.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

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