Skeets and Tas send TBJ correspondent Leigh Ellis on a mission to find out how NBA players would direct their life stories. Who would play them? Who would they pick as their leading lady? And why is Suns center Marcin Gortat wearing a leather choker?


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Comments (7)

  1. We do NOT speak like that. Goddammit.

  2. Love the Jet’s subtle masturbation joke..

  3. Underrated star of this: DeAndre Jordan. His cadence kills me.

  4. Damn Jet had that so well thought out it’s like he already wrote it in his hope diary.

  5. haha i agree with Sean, that guy is overdoing the aussie accent for effect…

  6. Only in the first intro… his accent was normal for the rest of it. Good to see an Aussie on TBJ either way!

    Gortat = hilarity.

  7. Marcin Gortat’s movie: “The Expendables IV: The Polish Machine”

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