I’m not sure if this is the first game-winning shot of Amir Johnson’s career — and he definitely made free throws to win a game, once upon a time — but judging by his enormous smile, I’d surmise that this is the first NBA game-winning field goal for the Raptors stringbean. Nice of Kevin Durant to not mess that up by making his jumper. Such a kind fellow.

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  1. I really didn’t see a smile in this video clip. Let the Raptors enjoy a nice win for once, will ya?

  2. Click the smile link. He’s so smiley!

  3. Who cares if it’s his first game-winner, or his eighth? He’s still happy, so he’s gunna smile. What the hell do you want him to do? He just won the game for his team. It would make more sense if you made a big deal out of it cuz he wasn’t smiling. C’mon man, post something intersting next time, jeez. You should’ve posted that play to get Barbosa that open three. That was SWEET.

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