If you’re going to foul out of a game with four minutes left, that’s the way to do it. Not sure what Blake Griffin has against European big men, but whatever it is, it leads to some amazing throw-dunks.

You’re next, Ian Mahinmi.

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  1. No way that was a foul… Gortat had just his toes outside the restricted area, plus he jumped into Griffin – check the slo mo replays

  2. It was a close call, but I think the ref’s got it right. And that’s one of the very rare time when refs dare call an offensive foul on a big dunk. Usually it’s an automatic blocking foul, even if the defender had been set for hours.

  3. @Stefan

    You may be right for the restricted area, but Gortat was set before Griffin jumps, therefore he “owned” that spot on the floor before Blake. Technically that’s an offensive foul.

  4. Definite offensive foul. Definitely entertaining.

  5. His feet were not set – he jumped up into the opponent, check the replays :)

  6. @Stefan
    Looks like he had no part of his shoe touching the line when contact was established. Gortat does move a bit, but a defender doesn’t have to be paralyzed to be considered “set”. That’s an offensive foul on Griffin.

  7. y it was a tec?
    i hope that not because of griffin reaction

  8. I don’t care if he was in or out of the circle…Gortat jumped into that. As soon as a big man goes up it’s an auto D foul.

  9. Imagine that: instead of losing possession, one point(technical foul) and High Griffinition for the rest of the game, they would probably 3 points up.
    I guess referees like Phoenix and don’t want to see Nash miss playoffs again…
    Still, nice try by Marcin, despite an obvious defensive foul.

  10. So I’m not crazy :D It’s not just me who thought Gortat JUMPED INTO Griffin :)

  11. Gortat==rookie wall.
    Griffin hit the rooie wall.

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