When Gilbert Arenas was traded to the Magic, it was supposed to be a fresh start. After three seasons of turmoil in Washington, heading to a contending team was just the cure for what’s been ailing Gil. Unfortunately for Arenas and the Magic, that hasn’t been the case. In his 42 games in Orlando, Arenas has scored fewer points than in his 21 games with the Wizards, while shooting worse percentages from the field, free throw line and three-point line. He’s also had fewer assists, steals and rebounds per game since the trade. Simply put, the Gilbert in Orlando thing isn’t working.

But maybe there’s a reason. Maybe he’s just not connecting with the Magic the way he needs to in order to succeed. Maybe there’s something preventing him from getting on the same page with his coaches and teammates. After all, there has to be some sort of explanation. Maybe it’s this, offered by Stan Van Gundy to the Orlando Sentinel:

Arenas prefers to be contacted through BlackBerry Messenger, something Van Gundy doesn’t know how to do. “I can text the other 11 guys, 12 guys,” Van Gundy said. “But Gil I have to see him in person.”

Yeah, that’s probably it. Stan Van Gundy’s sending out hilarious David Stern jokes to the entire Magic team, but Gilbert’s not getting those laughs because Stan can’t figure out how to BBM. Classic case of technology getting in the way of human connection, like a scene right out of “Me and You and Everyone We Know.”

Of course, when you consider what happened the last time Gilbert Arenas was texting with fellow team employees, it’s kind of understandable why he’d want things done instant message-style. Not to mention, Stan Van Gundy uses way too many exclamation points when he texts. Stop screaming, man.