On today’s show, Skeets and Tas focus in on the Celtics/Knicks second-half action (Boston “flipping the switch,” Ronny Turiaf minutes, Rondo’s giant hands, New York’s suddenly slow pace, Spike Lee’s dumb hat, more), as well a touch on the Bulls’ 50th win of the season, Tim Duncan’s ankle injury, and lent. So, all that, plus a recap of Monday night’s Juno Hoops Celebrity Basketball Game. Enjoy.

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Comments (24)

  1. This is the “Melo I was referring to at the end of today’s show: http://blogs.thescore.com/tbj/2011/03/22/video-big-baby-takes-a-tumble/

  2. C’mon Skeets, you already did that intro.

  3. Josh Smith should be giving up the 3 point shot for lent!

  4. I’m with Ryan on that Josh Smith thing. He regressed this season (or maybe just got back to playing “Josh smith baskteball) after being really efficient and focused last season (also a great example on the fact that stats don’t tell the whole story. Looking at them might suggest that he is actually having a better season this year)

    P.S. I gotta ask…What’s with the hat?

  5. Vesper — What a call! Horrible brain fart on my behalf. (Though I did it read it better this second time around.)

  6. i think eric maynor should be in that backup pg discussion, even though he doesn’t play much. shoots almost .4 from three, extremely low turnover rate, and is a pure point that can hang with starters at times.

    lebron needs to give up his love affair with jump shots and start attacking the rim more.

  7. Orlando Magic should Give up the turnovers for lent

  8. @Mac: This sounds ridiculous but here is my reasoning for the hat: I showered/washed my hair last night after playing basketball. Didn’t feel like waking up and showering again, but I like putting junk in the hairdo right after a shower. So, I needed to cover it up.

    Plus, I found this new hat on the street today and I thought it would be cool if I wore it.

  9. No wrong there, cuz it is the best sports movie of the year.

  10. I thought Tas had to umpire a softball game when he gets off work.

    As for green jerseys — my best bro bought a Ben Wallace one that I wore for St. Patty’s Day once. Tucked it in, even: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_f4Fo_GlfJs8/R96oTea5UOI/AAAAAAAAAgk/HJB5BDEDcME/s400/wallace+tuck

  11. Tas, the hat was stylin’

    P.S. – D. Rose is not the MVP

  12. @Trey – you’re thrown out of the game for using the term, “Best Bro”. You’re not 9, unless, you’re playing tee-ball, then, you are 9, and thus, you can stay in the game.

  13. Before anyone panics about the Duncan “injury,” recall that Tony Parker’s “injured” calf was supposed to keep him out 3-4 weeks, but actually kept him out only 2 games. Duncan may be seriously hurt. Or this may simply be another Spurs PR maneuver attempting to squelch talk about their preternaturally good health.

  14. YAY, shout out! Forgot about G. “Don’t call me Grant” Hill from ooey pooey (IUPUI). D.J. Mbenga. The Beer Store ROFL. Lent suggestions: Boston color announcer has to shut the fuck up w/ his overly biased/homer comments. D’Antoni must stop throwing tantrums when things don’t go his way (his facial expressions are priceless). The Dream, my fave big. Embrace the day, but most of all…

    Embrace the Martian (DeRozan)

  15. I am 9.

  16. Shane Battier-Most Overrated Underrated Player

  17. Dear Skeets, where did you get that shirt? I’ve been trying to get a Milwaukee shirt like that and can’t find it anywhere!!! And I even used the internet! =(

  18. so i guess you all are waiting until EVERYBODY else talks about the nuggs before you give them some love………………..form your opinions now, folks.

    nice t-shirt, skeets (123-90, go raptors!).

  19. Whoa…23:30 mark, two beer store trucks crossing paths in the distance.

    Are the Knicks worse after this trade? They gave up 4 guys who play huge minutes and got 2 back in return. Felt like they were lacking in a big way. Melo was killing them with some of those shots. And when he gets in foul trouble (foul #4 was a really stupid one), Landry Fields has to take on the task of covering Pierce?

    Pierce’s fourth quarter has gotten lost a bit in the coverage of last night because of Ray’s blood, KG’s blood, and Rondo looking like himself. But, the Truth was in full force in the fourth. Felt like he was feeding off of that crowd in a big way.

  20. woops, meant KG’s numbers and dunk…..not his blood.

  21. @Tas: I didn’t mean to imply that a Duncan injury is a non-issue. If he’s truly injured, then you (and SI) are correct–the Spurs’ title chances are done. I only meant to say that the last time we heard about an ostensibly serious injury to a Spurs All-Star, it turned about to be absolutely nothing. (And, perhaps not coincidentally, that ostensibly serious injury was announced around the time we kept hearing “Sure, the Spurs have a great record, but they’re the only contending team that hasn’t suffered a serious injury.”) So we should all reserve judgment rather than assume that Duncan’s injury is anything to worry about.

  22. 23:24 Hope you guys are charging The Beer Store for that advertisement. Here’s a tip, next time you use subliminal advertising, just have one truck go past. I know what you were thinking: “a truck going past with a sign would be subtle. But TWO trucks going past would be twice as subtle!!” Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way boys.

  23. The Knicks should give up their hopes and dreams of a playoff run.

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