TBJ Top 5, featuring old guys

Just three games tonight, so have a glass of iced tea and just chill. Enjoy it.

Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers
For a best game that’s not that great, this one’s still pretty good. The Suns need a win to stay in the playoff race and the Lakers have been rolling. Plus neither team played last night, so they should be fresh.

Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks
This could also be a good one, as long as the Bulls don’t blow an 18-point lead like the last time. That silly loss still gets my goat.

Washington Wizards at Portland Trail Blazers
If you’re a team like the Blazers — battling for playoff position in order to avoid a first round matchup with the Lakers or Mavericks — you could do worse than playing the Wizards and Cavaliers within days of each other. Sure, they’ve had the Lakers and 76ers in between, but that’s a small price to pay.

The Tonight Show (NBC — 11:30pm ET)
Rebecca Black of “Friiieeedaaay” fame is on Leno tonight. That’s the joke.

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen (SyFy — 10pm ET)
That little spiky-haired, line-bearded creep from “Top Chef” got his own show. It actually looks pretty interesting, aside from the intolerable host.