Ty Lawson wants to go fast

If you happened to look at draft profiles way back in 2009, then you already knew that Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson was fast before he entered the league. Those pre-draft looks are peppered with phrases like “incredibly quick,” “not many players that can contain him,” and “a one man fast break.” Since entering the NBA, nothing’s changed. Being fast is pretty much Ty Lawson’s thing.

But there are a lot of guys in the NBA who are fast. Wilson Chandler, for example, whose own pre-draft profiles included phrases such as “explosive” and “runs the floor like a deer.” He’s also very fast. But he’s not Ty Lawson fast. Just ask him. From the AP:

“He’s very fast,” Wilson Chandler said, shaking his head. “It’s hard for me to keep up with him on a fast break, so I know how it is for somebody guarding him.”

When other guys who the NBA considers fast can’t believe how fast you are, that’s fast. He’s a regular adidas commercial, minus Ken Jeong. (Also minus the lactose intolerance, I’m guessing.)

And, as the saying goes, speed kills. The Nuggets play at the third-fastest pace in the league, and a large part of that is having an ultra-quick point guard who can push the tempo while still keeping the team under control. And even though Denver is only middle-of-the-pack in terms of fast break points, Lawson’s ability to push the ball allows them to get a bunch of easy secondary break points, which don’t show up in the fast break points tally but definitely count on the scoreboard. Even better, they’ve got a second guy just like that on the bench in Raymond Felton. Probably part of the reason why the Nuggets are 9-4 since the former New Yorkers joined the team.

Is Ty Lawson the fastest guy in the league? I don’t know, but he’s definitely up there. And, I’m guessing, he has Wilson Chandler’s vote.