On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss the Bulls/Hawks snoozer, the Suns/Lakers triple-OT action, the Maple Leafs playoff run, bars, Tom Petty, Borat, stewardesses, school musicals, Ken Angeles, Caesars, pancakes, and, well, your awesome NBA doodles/art. Enjoy.

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Comments (28)

  1. I’ve been following the NBA for almost 20 years. Derrick Rose nowadays. Holy shit.

  2. 3 Things:
    1) It’s impossible to beat brinner. Fact
    2) D-Rose beat Kobe last night. Rose played 28 minutes, Kobe 48 dead.
    3) Way to have a workday-hangover. I would get fired for that…

  3. I hate when people have problem steward/stewardess. It is there job name.

  4. Skeets, I have a similar issue in the Detroit area trying to watch basketball when I’m out because of the Red Wings. All I want is 1 goddamn tv and they always give me shit.

    And Tas, I can’t wait to drop that line from your musical when I hit the bars this weekend. That was gold.

  5. Tas, I heard on a podcast recently that Kobe is “generously” listed at 6’6 and in reality he might be around 6’4. Since you’ve interviewed him, would you agree with that statement?

  6. awww man, kobe played 48 minutes. disagree on the whoah boy

  7. @Vesper – I thought he was taller than 6’4″ from my view point. Could be 6’5″ or 6’6″ or somewhere in between. That’s my guess.

  8. You couldn’t win between the Leafs game and the Bulls game last night. Both were serious snoozers. Also, Skeets definitely has some deep issues with his elementary school art teacher, given how harshly he usually judges the doodles. Just sayin.

  9. ive heard kobe himself say many times in interviews that he is in fact 6’5″.

  10. I’m guessing there are no 24HR IHOP’s in Toronto then. Pancakes at night are the norm.

  11. No mention of Nash’s insane pass or McGee’s block? Two amazing plays, especially considering the game situation for Nash’s.

  12. Just ate some pamcakes. Skeets, the shirt is not a good look. Melas you damn R&B mofo. Ha ha, fuck the Collins bros.

  13. Do pancakes mean the same thing in America and Canada? I’ve heard bacon is different. If they mean the same thing, you guys really out to try it out late night. Especially if you’re in an altered stated. Throw some butter, syrup, and whipped cream on those things. Maybe even peanut butter if you’re really losing your mind. Great late night stuff. I think Lamar and I would get along great even though he’s a Laker.

  14. The Charles Broccoli sketch was lifted from Upper Left Bias!


    C’mon, son!

  15. @Nick L. You still in Boston? Come to the Middlesex next Monday night to hear Dr. LIC of FreeDarko talk bout: “The Sexy Social Science of NBA Basketball: Insights into Economics, Sociology, and Psychology from Professional Hoops”
    should be a good time; tell ur fellow hoop heads.

  16. Grant Hill might have played great D last night but he bricked the game winner before one of the overtimes that would’ve won the game. Gerald Wallace had his best game as a Blazer last night as well. Sure the Wizards suck, but he deserves some mention given that the Blazers have adapted to him as a starter. Why in the hell is Phoenix starting Brook Lopez over Gortat?

  17. Money Mayweather took Tas’ advice as well..maybe to the extreme on some Billy Walters shit

    41k to win 37.2k

  18. As an Atlanta season ticket holder, I confess to yelling at Derrick Rose “Don’t think you’re special. Everyone hears the MVP chant when they come to Atlanta.” Sad, but true.

  19. I wish man. Unfortunatly I moved to California last summer. Hope to be back in a few years.

  20. Nick L: welcome to the better state :D

  21. Travis, ALL of those 3 are from upperleftbias.tumblr.com. They are even in color on there.

  22. On a completely different topic, it’s now been around 9 months since the new TBJ look launched for the new season, and I still can’t figure out all the lyrics in the opening theme.

    “If I loved you to death would you something something something me. AaaawwwwAAAAAAWWWWWaaaaawwwAAWWWaaaawwwww.”

  23. Travis & Markus,

    I just wanted to clear it up that I’m the guy who submitted the “Charles Broccoli” doodle, and I’m also the guy who does the Upper Left Bias blog. I just decided to submit the work to TBJ as a basic doodle instead of the finished product with color, and attached my real name instead of the blog name.

    Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for following my site!

  24. Suns are done.
    Put a fork in them for this season and the not too distant future.

    People seem to have overlooked some of the dimwitted things the suns organization have done recently. From what I see the fallout will only continue on from here.

    Hill is not coming back, lock that in. And why should he?
    Nash should have been traded at the start of this season when he had the most value,
    Kerr walked and I wouldn’t be surprised if the two weren’t related, along with other money stuff.
    -Surely having a few championship rings from the 90′s, a decent basketball brain and knowing how to run a ball club can’t be entirely mutually exclusive? (Michael Jordan excluded)

    Don’t agree? Well just look at what’s happened since Kerr left,

    Hakim Warrick, Josh Childress, Vince Carter, Jared Dudley and Channing Frye plus who knows who else to long term dead weight and high priced deals. Come to think of it, name one guy on the Phoenix roster who can consistantly win you a game?
    Besides Nash.

    The roster today reeks of panicked and toxic deals, by way of either the many stupid soul crushing trade decisions or overpriced signings.
    Why not go out and sign Rashard Lewis, Greg Oden and Jose Calderon? Turrrable.

    Good luck to Nash where ever he goes, hopefully we’ll get something decent for him and not garbage for him cause we”ll need it. that is if there’s even a season.

    p.s. Brooks has been a god aweful disaster and probably won’t come back unless Nash goes or he’s signed on to a another terrible albatross deal.

  25. @Leonard: ““If I loved you to death would your bones attack me? AaaawwwwAAAAAAWWWWWaaaaawwwAAWWWaaaawwwww.”

  26. @Matt Osten: That makes no sense. Fits right in I guess. :-)

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