Despite what Radiohead may tell you, meeting people is hard. You’ve got to learn what they like and dislike, their little personality quirks, how they interact with others and a whole bunch of other nonsense, just to be able to have any sort of connection with them. It’s tough and sometimes it feels impossible.

But sometimes, you have to do it. Like, for instance, when you play professional basketball and your team makes a big midseason trade and you have to get acclimated to the new acquisition in order to contend for the playoffs. That’s definitely a time you want to meet someone. And that’s exactly what LaMarcus Aldridge is going through since the Blazers traded for Gerald Wallace. He just realized what Wallace’s nickname means, even though he’s been in the NBA for five seasons. From the AP:

“Gerald going to the basket—they call him ‘Crash’ for a reason,” Aldridge said. “I’ve seen it firsthand. He just runs into people all the time. He gets to the line and he finishes well. He played big for us tonight.”

Yep. That’s exactly why they call him that. Makes sense, since he’s always crashing in to everything. Good nickname. Thanks for joining us LaMarcus.

Aldridge also learned that Wallace is used to being on the receiving end of alley-oop passes.

After the game, [Wallace] joked around with Aldridge about an errant pass during the game.

“I’m having fun. The only thing is, I think LaMarcus is mad at me because I can’t throw a lob,” said Wallace, who has been living at a downtown hotel.

Aldridge was jokingly incredulous.

“We’ve got to work on it,” he laughed.

Baby steps, guys. First the nickname, then the alley-oops. It’s only March — they’ve got a month to hammer out the details on the proper lob technique. The important thing is that they’re already laughing together.