Rated Rookies: Week 22

Trevor Booker — Booker is only averaging 5.1 points per game on the season, but has put up 10.7 points over his last nine games and shown that John Wall isn’t the only notable rookie on the Wizards roster. The young big man has benefitted greatly from filling in for the injured Andray Blatche, and made a case for more minutes even after Blatche’s eventual return to the lineup. After topping double figures four times in the month of March, Booker had a career night last Friday when he dropped 26 points in a loss to the Toronto Raptors.

Most impressive about Booker’s high-scoring performance: his efficiency. The rookie out of Clemson shot 12-for-16 from the field and had his coaches smiling. Fellow rookie teammate Jordan Crawford’s 25 points on 12-for-27 shooting provides a stark contrast, and only makes the 23-year-old forward look that much more impressive. For the 23rd pick in the 2010 draft, opportunity came knocking — Wizards faithful are happy to see Booker answered the door.

Ed Davis — After putting in a solid few months of work, Raptors’ rookie Ed Davis seems to have hit a wall. Maybe not the infamous rookie wall (Davis has only played in 53 games thus far after starting the season in the injured list with a bum knee), but he’s definitely hit a rough patch after his impressive tear just a few weeks ago.

In his last four games, Davis has averaged less than two points a night while shooting 22.5 percent from the floor — a significant drop from Davis’ 57.7 percent mark from the field for the season. His rebounding has also dipped, and it appears Davis may be trying to find his place in a rotation that now includes Reggie Evans, who had previously missed time following foot surgery. Despite the disappointing numbers, Davis has still been one of the best reasons to watch the Raptors; he’s still a very young talent with tons and tons of upside. It’ll be interesting to see how he bounces back from these struggles as the season winds down.

One thing that had Davis smiling despite his struggles was the prank his teammates pulled on him last week. You can check the video of the rookie-ing here.

Wizards @ Clippers, Wednesday, 10:30 p.m ET — While the Wizards are now 1-31 on the road, they’ll head to Los Angeles to take on a Blake Griffin that’s been a little more grounded since the All-Star break. Minus, of course, that ridiculous dunk over Marcin Gortat that was ruled an offensive foul. Seriously, though, Blake has been as “quiet” as he’s likely to get this season, while the Wizards have plenty of rookie action with John Wall, Trevor Booker and Jordan Crawford all getting lots of minutes at this point in the season. Might not be the best basketball you’ll see, but it will be entertaining if you like rookies.

“That might be as impressive of a dunk as I have seen in the NBA in 23 years. I don’t care if it was a charge. … That might be the best dunk he’s had since he was in the league.”Alvin Gentry on Blake Griffin’s “dunk” over Marcin Gortat