Ep. 682: Jockey Time

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas weigh in on the Magic/Knicks (Dwight Howard’s MVP play, Amare’s rough night, sparkplug Gilbert Arenas, Billups’ ill-advised fourth-quarter bombs), the Spurs/Nuggets (Denver’s unselfish play, “Tymond Lawton,” K-Mart’s D, Splitter’s line), and the Grizzlies/Celtics (Tony Allen’s quote, Boston’s minutes, missing Perk.) All that, plus Lionel Hollins’ bitchin’ beard, and much, much more.

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Comments (12)

  1. thank god for showing dwight the love! i was tweetin at tas last night about it; dwight’s numbers are just damn ridiculous, and he IS the entire defense for that team.

  2. also, the denver nuggets in the playoffs this year are gonna be like a defensively competent version of that amazing warrios team that knocked off the top seeded mavs a few years ago.

  3. Skeets, I’m glad you clarified your stance on Rose for MVP. In recent shows you mentioned a few times that Rose would definitely be the MVP. But, with the clarification you gave today, I can now see that you were speaking more about the apparent consensus in the media and not so much about your own views on who SHOULD be the MVP. Personally, I feel it should go to either LeBron or Howard.

  4. great show today fellas.

  5. Where did you find the pic of the girl in the beginning?! I may have just found my new wallpaper. Sticking to bball, there were some mighty good matchups yesterday

  6. On the Pacers playoff chances and the jostling for matchups – If it’s Celtics / Bulls vs Pacers then, even as an optimistic Pacers fan, it’s gonna be a sweep.

    However I think the Pacers match up really well on the Heat (1 win and 2 close games this season series) with the Hibbert, Hansbrough, McRoberts and Foster rotation inside. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took both games at the Fieldhouse if that matchup occurred.

  7. I’m happy to play ‘Words with Friends’ with strangers, but will only have a one night stand… no multiple games. That’s cheating.

  8. MVP should be chosen after the playoffs. I always thought the whole process was premature as far as the schedule goes.

  9. Does anyone really think the Knicks have a chance of upsetting Boston or Chicago in the playoffs? Anyone other than the TBJ boys, that is.

  10. I still say LeBron is MVP. Best player=player with the most value. Still, Dwight would make way more sense to me than Rose.

    That middle ground you guys talked about with the Celtics is really frustrating. I was happy last week when starters were all under 28 minutes in each game. I’d either like to see that and take some losses, or going after the top seed. But, it’s frustrating to have the starters play significant minutes and lose.

  11. So LeBron has a higher percentage of his teams points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks than Rose yet somehow Rose is more valuable to his team than LeBron is to his. The Heat are better per 48 with LeBron on the court than the Bulls are with Rose on the court. The Heat are worse with LeBron off the court than the Bulls are with Rose off the court. LeBron provides significantly better efficiency than does Rose in addition to all the extra raw production.

    People are confusing Rose’s improvement and the teams improvement with value. Yes, the Bulls are significantly better this year than last, and a large percentage of that has to do with Rose, but that’s not value. MVP is not the most improved elite player. It’s the most valuable one, and this year LeBron has in every way dwarfed Rose’s overall contributions to his team. People that call this a two man race are absolutely correct. The two men however are LeBron James and Dwight Howard.

  12. Bulls first place in the east = Rose MVP

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