OK, probably none of us could beat Jon Brockman in a trick shot contest — but you can try if you want — but we should also mention three glaring faults with this rather impressive collection of chicanery.

  1. One of his trick shots is a dunk, which is really unfair.
  2. Another of his shots is basically making two free throws in a row, which isn’t very great.
  3. Brockman made a poor career choice because he’d make an excellent long snapper.

Other than that, great job.

(via TrueHoop)

Comments (7)

  1. I’d love to see a contest with Brockman, DeAndre, Blake and Sheed :D Woud be fun to watch

  2. i always wondered how it was done…

  3. Throw Kevin Love in there, Stefan. Put it on TV and … it’d be so boring. You’d have to catch them in practice.

  4. Maybe do a challange, one dude shoots a trickshot with a phone a challenges a player… then the other player responds with a trickshot, like playing chess with letters

  5. Not the most impressive stuff I’ve seen, except maybe for the last one and another one which was great but most certainly entertaining. And now I know some dude I never heard of before.

    The dunk has no business in there though, it has been done (no pun intended) 3248329042304832095 times before.

  6. I remember seeing this video of Brockman in a dunk contest with Donte Greene, dudes got hops.

  7. That’s how it’s done.

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