We now live in a world where JaVale McGee and Chuck Hayes both got a triple-double within a week of each other. Not sure what that says about society, but it has to be something pretty hilarious.

And yes, the Rockets did run plays for him to get his 10th point. And yes, that’s OK. But no, it’s not as funny when it happened for JaVale because Chuck didn’t shoot airballs or turn the ball over when he kept getting the ball. Not to mention, he didn’t get a technical for hanging on the rim after scoring his big basket.

In fact, I’m not even sure Chuck Hayes can touch the rim.

(via ClutchFans)

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  1. The Chuck Wagon! He’s gotta get today’s Whoa Boy too.

  2. My hero. And I’m only half-kidding. Look at his FT% improvement, he should be Shaq’s hero (and teacher), too!

  3. chucks nonchalance about the whole thing makes it a whole lot better than mcgee, at least in my mind.

  4. Sure… 11 assists are better than 12 blocks…


    Happy for him ‘tho, I bet he never planned on that…

  5. Sure… being a 7″ vs 6’6″ as a center doesn’t make things easier…


    And no airballs is a plus too :)

  6. He can actually touch the rim, I looked it up the other day :)


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