Ron Artest “wants a Grammy” for his newest song, “Go Loco,” his first to be played on the radio. There are a just a couple of problems I see with that, mainly that you can only understand about 18 words in this entire performance and that the hook is shouted by George Lopez. Other than that, watch your back Quincy Jones.

(via BDL)

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  1. I made it to 3:07. Do I win a prize?

    And for the record, I have terrible taste in music, and even I found this bad.

  2. I think those quotes should go on the CD cover.

  3. Well, at least he didn’t take time off to promote this one.

  4. My new favorite vidoe

  5. FFFFUUUU!!! i wish george never would have gotten a tv show, i used to think he was really funny with stand up because he talked about stuff i could relate to but shit an almost daily show has completely ruined his “comedy ” for me.

  6. Also that video fucking sucked.

  7. 29 comprehensible words, take that!

  8. saying go loco 14.5 times doesn’t count.

  9. “Why did I think George Lopez had died for some reason?” – I said to one of my friends.

    He Said “You’re thinking of Bernie Mack”

    I was thinking of Bernie Mack, He’s a very dear friend, clearly.

    Then he said “Why are we going loco?”

    I didn’t have an answer for him.

  10. anyone notice ron artest clearly lip synched his verse…probably for the best

  11. You can understand most of what the guy from Cypress Hill says. Still a terrible excuse for a “song.” And it would have been very difficult to cheer during or after this performance if I was in the audience, so props to them for sticking it out.

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