On Monday, Skeets and Tas were invited to play ball in the first-ever Juno Hoops Celebrity Basketball Game. (Yeah, yeah, we were just as confused as you are.) In any case, The Jones played alongside actual celebrities like (Coach) Donovan Bailey, eTalk’s Tanya Kim and DJ Skratch Bastid, and all the money raised went to a great organization called MusiCounts. And because they love to embarrass us here at work, Score reporter — and new “TBJ super fan” — Brent Furtney followed ‘em down to Ryerson University to file this report.

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Comments (10)

  1. nice bank shot skeets, but you had no numbers on that ugly one man fastbreak layup lol. wish we had some footage of melas’ apparent junk yard dog type game.

  2. You couldn’t really tell from the angle, but I got fouled like crazy on that break. Only reason I forced the action. I should have tried to get T’d up.

  3. Damn, Skeets can handle the ball. Video was awesome, too.

  4. Love it! Wanna see more!

    I find it a bit funny tho, that u guys always seems to make fun of Matt for being short, when neither of you seems tall.

  5. Where’s the left hand Skeets? Hmm, that didn’t come out right. That didn’t either.

  6. Was that a Matty-O video bomb during Brett’s closing thoughts?

  7. Skeets, shame on them for your only in game recorded action being the fast break that you got a little over zealous on, I’d claim I was fouled too! ;)

  8. Important question: What kicks were the tbj guys wearing?

  9. Ben: Tas was playing in red/white And 1 Tai Chis; I was rockin’ black/red adidas AdiRoses.

  10. whos’s this Will Ferrell ver. 2.0?

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