Ep. 684: Fire Starter

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas hit you with the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. Hot: Grizzlies’ playoff chances, Gerald Wallace’s 40, the Mavericks rotation and that Eastern Conference potato sack race. Not: Unlucky David West, basketball fans in Sacramento, Billups and the Knicks and Lou Williams’ (honest) loudmouth. All that, plus Bruce Bowen’s bow tie, a new B-Ball Picks Contest winner, and an interesting $30 bet about Gilbert Arenas’ upcoming Monday night. Enjoy.

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Comments (15)

  1. no talk about the celtics losing to the bobcats and almost losing to the wolves?

  2. Tas is on fire! Nice start to the week, boys.

  3. It’s pronounced, “mick MIN ville OR i gun” guys

  4. Skeets, what are you going to do with your $30?

  5. Only reason i am going to watch the NY vs Orl Game… 30 bucks i will never see

  6. Im confused… are the Bulls not playing some of the best basketball in the league right now along with the Lakers. Yet there was no mention of DRose’s amazing performance against Milwaukee.

  7. “Its like a potato sack race, it’s the team that doesn’t fall over that’s going to win. Doesn’t matter how fast you’re going.” – Tas Melas

    THATS FUCKING POETRY! Best analogy for the Eastern Conference playoff race ever.

  8. The only amazing thing about his performance against Milwaukee was that he shot over 50%. I’m glad TBJ gives love to teams like Memphis instead of slurping Rose like everyone else. Besides, he had an atrocious performance against those Grizzlies.

    20 points would have made that bet more interesting.

  9. Tas should’ve made a 1:3 out of it, cashing in 90 loonies. ‘Cause the shoe-pooper is going to deliver that 30.

  10. Those Grizzlies might be the most entertaining team to watch in the whole league I think.

  11. Arenas is gonna get Tas his 30. 30% FG, that is. Bet you 30 virtual €!

  12. Agent Zero needs a huge second half

  13. 0-8 in 26 min of playing time so far. Ouch.

  14. Gil with a HUGE 9 points.

  15. Why don’t u guys give the bulls any credit?!
    Seriously, get it together boys.

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