Once upon a time, the New Orleans Hornets were 8-0, the last undefeated team in the league and everybody was very happy because they were playing great and Chris Paul is awesome. Those were the good old days of 2010, when America was America and men were men.

Now, the Hornets are just nine games over .500, a seventh seed in the West and the team’s leading scorer, David West, is out for the season with a torn ACL. Things are not so great. But that doesn’t mean the team has to be a bunch of whining babies. In fact, Monty Williams won’t allow that. From the AP:

“We’ve dealt with adversity all year,” rookie coach Monty Williams said. “Since I signed here, it’s been one thing after another. … Life isn’t fair. Where we live at, New Orleans, you think anybody is going to listen to us complain about basketball with the money you’re getting paid?”

As the Internet’s Matt Moore mentioned, this has been a crazy year for the Hornets. Basically everything that can derail a team — injuries to top players, covert trade requests, ownership mishaps, needing Emeka Okafor to make a jumpshot in order to win a game — has happened to the Hornets during this season. It’s impressive that they’ve performed as well as they have. Not to mention, you know, they play in a city that was recently destroyed by a massive hurricane. Tough gig.

That’s why Williams totally nails this. Life isn’t fair, New Orleans is still recovering from Katrina, and NBA players lots of money. Using simple math equations, you can find out that millionaires complaining about how hard it is for them to play games competitively is not going to go over very well. Big ups for Williams for knowing that, and big ups to the Hornets for not grumbling when things don’t go their way. That’s not something you get from every team, and it’s nice when you actually do.

Now, if Monty can just get Chris Paul to stop bellyaching every time he doesn’t get a foul call…