Programming note: Spring Break!

To escape the 38 degrees Fahrenheit weather of Lombard, Taco Trey is headed to the 35 degrees Fahrenheit weather of Toronto for a week’s worth of swimming, golfing and foam parties. Spring Break’s the best.

As such, outside of this post and The Fix, there won’t be much going on in the morning. This afternoon, however, will resume normal posting, which will continue throughout the week. No bigs, just a heads-up.

In the meantime, meet me at Rony’s pool. He said it’s cool if some people stop by. Can’t wait.

Comments (3)

  1. If Rony’s ex-wife is appearing at the pool party, I’m there.

  2. A whole morning without posts?

    UNACCEPTABLE. Fire Trey Kerby (obviously!)

  3. Why did you think he came to Toronto? Just to get his papers. Boom! You’re fired. Get the next one.

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