Admit it — you take your feet for granted until there’s something wrong with them. You just walk around all footsy-wootsy like a king with his golden shoes, until you get the tiniest little pain and you can’t hardly stand being on your precious paws for more than eight minutes at a time. Toughen up, man. You’ve got it easy.

At least compared to Taj Gibson, that is. His foot’s so messed up he has to wear a gigantic shoe that makes him look like an idiot. Hear his sad tale, courtesy of ESPN:

[Gibson's] latest injury, which he suffered on March 18 against the Indiana Pacers, has caused Gibson to wear extra large shoes to give the toe more room to operate. Before the injury he was wearing size 15½ shoes. Now he must get the toe taped before each game and wear size 18 shoes.

“I hate it,” he said after Monday morning’s shootaround. “I hate it. Because it’s kind of hard; with [coach Tom Thibodeau's] philosophy, he allows me to switch on multiple positions and it’s been kind of rough because the shoe is so big, it has so much room in the front so I don’t really know where to get my tracking, or where to get my steps in balance at, so at times it’s rough. The tape job is tough, because it’s still painful. Just figure out ways to get around [the injuries].”

It’s hard out here for a foot, Juicy J. Not only is foot pain one of the worst pains, it’s also making so he can’t go all over the place like he’d want to, which in turn gets him yelled at by Tom Thibodeau and incredible screams. All because of a big toe. That’s called the butterfly effect. Ashton Kutcher can tell you all about it.

And really, foot injuries do suck. They stick around forever and have ruined or severely hampered many careers. Gibson’s is just a toe, so it’s probably not a huge deal, but those nagging hurts can be just as bad, especially right before the playoffs. You never want players hurting, but that feeling’s intensified exponentially during the postseason. I mean, Brian Scalabrine seems like a chill bro, but I think you’d much rather have him rooting on his teammates than suiting up for emergency duty because Gibson’s foot is killing him.

However, if the solution to this problem is simply that Gibson has to wear one giant shoe and one tiny shoe, then that’s cool. Of course, it’s going to be impossible to not stare at his shoes every time he comes on court, but that’s OK. In fact, why not give him the biggest shoe you can find? Like a real Shaquille O’Neal number. “Go big or go home” works for feet too.