Ep. 685: Really Satisfying

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown the Magic/Knicks (‘Melo walkin’ the walk, piss-poor officiating, NYK doublin’ down on Dwight), the Sixers/Bulls (Jrue and Iggy’s locked in D, Boozer’s rough night, Chicago’s free-throw shooting), as well as touch on the rest of Monday’s NBA schedule. All that, plus Snickers for Clyde, a Trey Kerby sighting, and the easiest $30 ever made. (Thanks, Gilbert Arenas!) Enjoy.

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Comments (17)

  1. I don’t know if you guys control this, but if videos in your posts autoplay I’ll have to stop reading TBJ. It’s sort of a big no-no at work to have your computer suddenly start shouting about Fred McGriff…

  2. @ J.D. – awesome fix – mute the speakers, or get headphones – DONE

  3. I’m with J.D. because of bandwidth, audio, videos playing in parallel etc. @R.S. Don’t be smart aleck ;)

    I actually thought that bet wasn’t that far-fetched and actually liked it. But Arenas not only played bad – he always put on that stupid surprised-questioning frown of his, which made his performance even more annoying.

  4. Yeah, I don’t know how you didn’t negociate something for that bet…

    Like if Gil scores 30, you owe me 30$, if he scores 9, I owe you 9$…

    ‘Cuz it sure wasn’t a fair bet…

  5. Autoplay is fixed. Weird coding action.

  6. Poor Tas. You didn’t realise that Gil’s a horrible, horrible basketball player these days. He’s completely and utterly done.

  7. Well hey, thanks!

  8. Thanks, Trey… keep up the good work!

  9. After a long time Skeets used my favorite word. Not once.. TWICE :-)

  10. Is it just me, or is the audio not working?

  11. whaddup TBJ,

    I have a pretty interesting story today. A few months ago while listening to the Overdose(I believe) Tas mentioned that on airplanes, no one can smell your fart when you do indeed fart. So, yesterday I was flying home from Los Angeles to DC, and i decided to experiment. Very unfortunately, you could smell the flatulence and so could the few people around you. thanks for the embarrassment, Tas.

  12. Where you sitting near a bathroom, Reub?

  13. The Celtics are just having a lot of trouble maintaining their focus (I hate it since they could be going after the one seed hard, but I understand it since they’re 29 games abover .500 and have knocked off all the big dogs except Dallas at least once). Rondo gets aggresive at points last night (especially the 1st) and suddenly the pace increases and the offense looks good. They just haven’t been maintaining it. Just human nature I guess.

    If I’m right (and I think and hope I am) then they’ll still show up for the big games remaining, and they’ll be refocused when there is a new incentive (postseason play).

  14. “Atrocious” word count: 3

  15. Tas, I was about 8 rows away, I was the one who tested if anyone could smell it..

  16. Reub, must have been a faulty plane.

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