“I just hope those boys find a girl. They seem nice.” — your grandma

Part 2 after the jump, wherein no one believes Landry Fields is a real basketball player.

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  1. I’m trying not to laugh.
    I’m failing.

  2. for some reason landry reminds me of john krasinski. anyone else see that?

  3. Me too. It’s his giant nose. He’s also goofy as fuck

  4. I love Landry more and more with every video he makes.
    He must be an awesome dude :)
    And like you guys said – he is o smart on he court.
    All those things considered – teams will or at least should battle for him in couple of years.

  5. Andy: “It’s like pregame. It’s like playing the Heat”

    Andy, you never play… :-P

  6. Amber looks like she really wanted to touch some basketball players.

  7. Totally, Daniel. More accurately, he reminds me of the character Jim Halpert.

  8. totally very amazing

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