Here is $34 worth of Snickers. That is one dollar worth of Snickers for each of your 34 years of combined service to the New York Knicks. Next year, we’ll make it an even $35, which is one extra full-size and two fun-size candy bars, depending on inflation. Snicker tariffs are notoriously fickle.

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  1. The weirdest thing about this video is that the second Clyde sets the bowl down some dick to the right of him immediately starts handing them out to people. When a HOFer only gets a couple of candy bars from the organization that he made great, he should at least get to enjoy them

  2. Clyde is the reason I always pick the Knicks as one of my 7 League Pass teams. He’s the best.

  3. I like to think Clyde slept with at least two of those Knicks dancers last night.

  4. LOL at the douche to his right stealing his freakin sneakers :D

  5. i meant snickers :P

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